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  1. heres one on my blog http://flytyingnewandold.blogspot.com/ Great blog bro...enjoyed your post and fly tying instructions.
  2. Outstanding work bro! when there is pink...the hands will stink!!!
  3. Just ordered the materials needed to tie the Money Maker from the Fly Shop in Redding CA.... Very simple pattern, will post a step by step when I get back from NJ in a week or so...Also going to tie this pattern for the redfish / trout swap hosted by RobertM... Thank you for the kind words...Took what I learned from the forum tie a pattern that works for our local waters :cheers: Till then: Tie materials clouser style / order #2 34007 hook 210 Dinier hot pink thread sparkle eyes tied clouser style Silli legs, clear with hot orange tips on bottom side of fly Rainbow flash or your choice of color Pink / white buck tail mixed Chartreuse buck tail (on top) Tie sparse !!! Cast, retrieve, remover fish...repeat
  4. After a day of flawed training the bro in law caught his first fish on fly, using the the Money Maker :thumbup: A fantastic time was had by all :punk:
  5. Andy, This is the same fly that has caught 90% of my fish this year...not an original pattern, just a variation on several. Still have your addy from your swap, will see what the big bend fish think :cheers:
  6. My brother in law, Roy, named my favorite fly today...The Money Maker. The Fly...The fish...The legend :drunk: Bro in law with a fine Crooked Island Bone Fish A visit from Yertal the Turtle Most fun I've had in a long time :kicking:
  7. Had a great day on the water :yahoo: Wife's brother came down for a visit, hit the water for a short trip just to check water and catch a sunset. Pictures aren't the best do better next time Same fly as before Great results...
  8. A variation or two...the possibilities go on and on....
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by FlatzFatz: Cone Head Zonker
  10. Nice work bro :thumbsup: fish catching ties for sure!
  11. BigDaddy... That is a killer green back minnow pattern :headbang: they invade the flats in the summer here, killer trout bait. Have added to my bookmarks!
  12. Used one big bunch in the middle of the shank tied OMG tight. Post a pic when your done if you get the chance. tight lines...dave
  13. Hey Ross, Tied it glo-bug style with bead chain eyes for a little weight. I used an Owner Mosquito hook, however, I have also had great results Mustad 34007 #4 and #2. Where do you live in Alaska, I have a good friend, Bob Jones who lives in Ninilchik.
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