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  1. I found Coffin Creek... How hard to cut your own zonker and cross cut strips... Also thought the other feather and fur deals could be a lot of fun :thumbsup: The many exotic furs and feathers listed bring many possibilities to mind...or what mind I have left
  2. Does anyone buy full pelts and make zonker and cross cut strips? Anybody buy full pets for tying? Any strange furs such as coyote, possum, beaver, etc...
  3. Looks great to me...It'l push water, marabou will dance and the feathers will move like legs. Must be a popper :thumbsup:
  4. Found this on Stripers on-line. Like Turhey after tomorrow I figured you guys must be sick of Squid by now...... LOL . So here's a few pic's... of my " Flats Shrimp " You'll have to supply your own cocktail sauce This Fly is 2 1/4 " long not counting the antenna It just came out last week in Fly tyer Mag. in case you would like the recipe . Tim
  5. A very nice day...First day out with the wife in months, and I got my latest bag O stuff from J Stockard :punk: Five trout to the boat and a couple that must have been state records...too bad they broke off :innocent: The Fly... A few fish... A very dirty deck...left the boat sit under a blooming oak and hickory tree for a week :nono: will be scrubbing with toilet bowl cleaner in the a.m....whose a dumb ass :whistle: BTW Wife wanted me to add...she caught a very nice flounder on a...ahhhh...what do you call them...Gulp shrimp on a ahhh, mmmmm, spinning thinga ma bobber :bait a very nice fish, will be stuffed with shrimp and cheese!!! Fish for dinner :kicking:
  6. I'd look at an 8wt for an all around rod and over line it with a good 9wt floating redfish taper line, this will load the rod quickly for sight casting and also help you get a good feel when casting. If its been a while I would also be a good idea to hit your local fly shops, get their opinion and try a few rods to find one that meets your current needs and skill level that and continue to work well as your skills increase. I just bought a 5 wt for trout fishing just because it's a heap of fun.
  7. Welcome to the forum... #1 Owner mosquito hook. How long have you been in Sarasota, great place to fish!
  8. These type of eyes seem to be getting very popular, they darn sure caught me I got some from J Stockard, all eyes on sale this month Also check out Dream Drift Flies and Orvis...Love the different colors and styles Deer Creek
  9. We used to go fishing for yellow tail, would get a bunch of folks together and charter a boat. Japans a great place have fun and keep us posted :thumbsup:
  10. What weight rod / line are you using?
  11. I haven't really checked the sink rate, it is a slow flat sink with the bead chain eyes keeping the hook point up. The unweighted version with mono eyes is almost neutral with the hook down, will suspend in the strike zone (great for shallow grass flats). Will be fishing quite a bit as a floating crab around the pass and oyster beds this summer, will post reports. Very easy to tie and a dead ringer for surface swimming crabs...give it a shot and let us know what you think, I'll be fishing them regularly this summer. Also can be used for crawfish with a different trim and a little swiss straw for shell back.
  12. FlatzFatz


    We lived on the outskirts of Tokyo (Yokota AB) for four years, OMG crowded. I empathize with you, we never did any saltwater fly fishing, however, there are a number of pay to fish streams that actually provide quality fly fishing opportunities. Also a number of lakes in the hills surrounding the Kanto Plains that offer some killer carp fishing and are not as pressured as the popular bass lakes surrounding Tokyo. Explore some of the local streams, you just may be surprised, I know I was. Taxi...Bus...Train, may be of some help. Loved the culture and food...enjoy your time and rack up the Yen. cheers...dave
  13. Was fishing a school of mullet pushing around, had just caught a 16" trout and then...rod doubles over and line zings off the reel. After a five minute tug of war what I thought was a nice red, up came the mullet...Snagged in the back.
  14. broke off a couple of nice reds on the flylipps shrimp, had some others follow but no takers Some trout (3) and even a mullet, great day to be out :kicking: Zonker minnow and baboon fly
  15. FlatzFatz

    SF Baitfish

    Great patterns, two new bookmarks. Thanks...dave
  16. I just bought a great 2 wt outfit from Steeldrifter :yahoo: and this site is chockfull of great UL fly fishing specific info. Also has a great fly catalog. Found this... :bugeyes: Sage 3100...1/2 price @ $140, and Sage 2wt performance taper for $35!!! http://www.redtruckflyfishing.com/ http://ultralightflyfishing.yuku.com/ BTW...I also buy from J.S., FTD, and other e-stores I have found on FTF...No fly shops closer than an hours drive. Just thought this was worth sharing :thumbup:
  17. I just bought a great 2 wt outfit from Steeldrifter :headbang: and this site is chockfull of great UL fly fishing specific info. Also has a great fly catalog. one post resulted in finding a Sage 3100...1/2 price @ $140, and Sage 2wt performance taper for $35!!! http://www.redtruckflyfishing.com/ http://ultralightflyfishing.yuku.com/
  18. Marabou Clousers, size 8 Bead head zonker minnow, size 8 In celebration of spring Bream and Crappie. Question is...with they work :dunno: Also have black and chartreuse
  19. http://floridakeys.net/calendar.cfmFlorida Fishing Facilitators: Wish Bone Charters; CAPTAIN JAMIE BRODY ..... Place of Trip: United States - Florida - Water: BIG PINE KEY; SUGARLOAF KEY. Trip Was: Guided ... www.anglingreport.com/Florida_Fishing.cfm - Cached
  20. Great Tie! I don't know about pike, but purple and purple and black are very popular for tarpon...and as you know the best patterns cross all kinds of water types. That one is a keeper for sure, let us know how you do. dave
  21. I'm in...if you don't mind an old southern boy Small streamer or foam beetle...TBD Thanks...dave
  22. FlatzFatz

    Destin, FL area?

    Pomps on the beach, wading for trout and redfish in the bay...Great time of year for the Panhandle. Shoot me a PM with your contact info...If you have the time and I'm not on travel I would be happy to put you on fish in the Panama city area (hour east of Destin). BTW That goes for any forum member :punk:
  23. Welcome to our sickness Great group of folks here, always willing to help...Please don't hesitate to ask. :cheers:
  24. have tied shrimp, clousers and deceivers...all with the lip positioned to bring the fly up to the surface in a darting motion. They have a great action, I'mm betting they will be a fish catcher (they already caught me ) Have had the chance to test them in the lake, will be fishing in the bay tomorrow.
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