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  1. You are very talented...The fox sneaking along is awesome... the detail in the chipmunk is amazing, and you can almost hear the birds objecting to the newcomer at the feeder. These are the kind of pictures that capture your attention. :clapping: What focal length are you using, the clarity of your subjects and shallow depth of field really bring the pics to life. Thanks for sharing and keep'em coming :punk:
  2. Did you take the pics of the dog? If so you have a great talent for photography, they belong in a magazine. I have a dinosaur of a camera that I now use as a bookend...even have darkroom equipment in the attic. As technology marches forward I seem to be getting older, or as I like to think...aged to perfection
  3. That picture of the pup is all time, a wall hanger for sure :thumbup: definitely the best fishing partner a person can have. Beautiful looking water, where is it...whatcha fishing for? I'm going Wednesday after work...I asked some young guys last week if they saw any sheepies in shallow and they looked at me as if my head was spinning :dunno: We killed'em in that spot this time last year...more for me I guess ! "The last of our snow/ice has disappeared with the warmer weather and torrential rains the past few days.....now just need the bloated rivers to drop and the temp.s to rise a little bit................" ANTICIPATION :whistle: The water we saw in Watertown Ny was the same way, lots of snow melt and moving fast, going back in May and July...Will be packing a 5wt 2 piece :yahoo: First time fishing for fresh water trout in a stream in more than 20 years... :wheelchair: With the weather warming and the inevitable fishing trip on the horizon lets post up some pics of our trophies with the fly used to catch'em still in the mouth...Some of you will recognize your swap flies. Too good looking not to fish :thumbsup: Tight loop and screaming drags...dave
  4. What a great looking bench..Bill rocks :thumbup:
  5. Outstanding pattern added to my bookmarks, will be tying and fishing a few this summer. Thanks for sharing...dave
  6. Just got back from Watertown NY this morning around 2:30...Beautiful area, looks like a fly fishing paradise. We saw folks in a drift boat on the Salmon Run River and the rest of the rivers around FT Drum and local area were amazing. Trout and Smallies? The weather here blows (literally) 20-30 mph out of the WNW, no boating this weekend. But hey, it's getting warmer :headbang: Cool looking Texas skies, still windy after this last front? How about all that rain around Sarasota? Hoping for a southerly wind to bring gulf and bay waters up a few degrees...Only a matter of days or weeks now :eek:
  7. After a four hour delay in Syracuse and a cancelled flight in Atlanta which resulted in a six hour drive to Panama City... we got home at 2:30 am And there on the table was the box of flies :yahoo: great stuff. Thanks to everyone, y'all are some very talented folks. cheers...dave
  8. Took my favorite fishing bro and a fly rod out for a spin on the water Saturday... Some pics. Loaded up and ready to go :yahoo: First time in the boat since thanksgiving...excuse the trash. Water temp shows 57* First spot, Last March this spot produced... sheepies, pomps, trout, and mangrove snapper. Today we were greeted with a stiff breeze and stained water My partner reads the water Results of our first drift :dunno: The captain takes a break from the fishing frenzy Not really the best day for the long rod In the end it was still a good time with my bud and it took a beer or six to clean das boat :drunk: Hoping for better conditions when I get back from NY next weekend
  9. A version of Andrew P's bi color bunny, took it for a spin in the bay this afternoon. Windy and cold, coffee colored water...but the fly action was unbelievable.
  10. Great first effort :headbang: Mine didn't look so good, just glad there is no photographic evidence. I'd be willing to bet they catch plenty of fish, let us know how they do :thumbsup:
  11. FlatzFatz

    Redfish Time

    Fair winds and a rising tide all weekend, temps in the mid sixties :headbang: Got a new vise from crawfly, celebrated with my first ever bunny fly. Leaving for a week in Watertown NY on Monday, gotta play while I can. If any of y'all live up that way...TURN UP THE HEAT I'd appreciate it.
  12. Dave, I gave it a shot on the lake for about twenty minutes the other day, 8F redfish taper, 9ft leader, 15lb tippet. Started out just flipping it out over the boat ramp watching the action as it dropped to the bottom, short jerks caused great action. The fly wasn't weighted, it had a nice slow flat drop. Nice erratic movement when stripped...the coolest part was when you brought it to the surface, you could pop it like a top water...the lip spits water or slow down the retrieve and it creates a V wake on the surface. Hope to get out on the bay this week end (weather gods permitting) and fish west bay. Will fish one against the other, let you know what I think post some pics.
  13. Cool site, nice flies. Tampa area charter Capt. http://www.barbedsteel.com/flybox.html
  14. B-man, I have used this site for pattern info before..Also try contacting Harold Ray on this forum. He fishes down that way and posted a great thunder creek minnow pattern in the warm water section. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=50208 http://www.texaskayakfisherman.com/forum/ HOW, Great video site, a ton of awesome step by step vids... Thanks...dave
  15. Thanks for the video Brian :thumbsup: Great looking fly, will push some water with lots of flash = Bent Rod
  16. Thats what they claim, have heard some very promising reports on the Pensacola Fishing Forum. The inventor is a Panhandle local, the product seems widely distributed (bought mine from Saltwaterflies.com) with positive reviews. They are very easy to tie with and if work as advertised have the potential greatly increase the fun factor. Going to wander down to the lake tomorrow, launch the boat and try out a bunch of patterns, will let y'all know how the flylipps work. Stay tuned...film at elven :smoke:
  17. Now that what I'm talking about..Spent the last 45 checking out cool new stuff. Thanks for sharing Andy :headbang:
  18. After screwing around with a few variations over the day this is the end result. It's simpler to tie than the original and sometimes simple is more effective. Step by step photos included. Enjoy...dave
  19. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by FlatzFatz: FlyLipps Shrimp
  20. I can hear the chirp, awesome...as always.
  21. Those streamers will put a hurt on spring spanish mackerel later this month, very nicely tied :clapping: thanks for posting, look forward to more :thumbup:
  22. One of the greatest things about the FTF is the diverse group of fly fishing / tying enthusiast from (literally) all over the world. In this age of instant information on the internet we now have unprecedented access to web sites, and communications with people that have the same interest. I know from personal experience that I spend a great deal of time doing researching sites for patterns and and fishing reports for the Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana areas... Over the years I have bookmarked a considerable amount, some very useful and others only for a short time. However, it's a lot like six degrees of separation...one site links to another, and another and so on. I was thinking that it would be nice to start an ongoing thread to where we could post sites of interest that would benefit group as a whole, this way we could build an impressive resource of useful information in a one stop shop format. Not looking for others forums, just patterns, step by steps and video links, magazines and that sort of thing. I'll start with a couple, if you like the idea post up some favorites and lets see if this goes anywhere. flaflyfish.com Patterns / recipes and nice link section www.metacafe.com Type in saltwater flies, nice collection. www.fishermanscoast.com http://dwskok.com/step-by-steps.htm /www.barflyfish.com
  23. Thanks Dave, Just tied it last night and the weather looks crappy today, hoping sunday looks better. It's supposed to act like a fleeing shrimp, the lip will give it a darting motion towards the top when striped...you can also skitter it across the surface. I found the website while surfing shrimp patterns www.flylipps.com , can't wait to see how they work. Will let you know...dave
  24. The warm water guys inspired me with their Craw creations. BigDaddyHub found some Swiss Straw, got me to thinking... Will try a few more to before I upload the pattern. Critical critiques welcome. Thanks...dave No Fish Lipps
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