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  1. Curtis, Great tying videos on you tube :thumbup:,
  2. Dude...Awesome picture :clapping: Great site, congratulations!
  3. killer stuff bro :thumbsup: they look like oh early morning redfish food to me
  4. All the sites listed are first rate, I also use saltwaterflies.com, very quick shipping. The FTD has a christmas box that will keep you busy all year long, great stuff at a great price and the customer service with j stockard is first rate.
  5. Will, The flies Tidewaterfly listed have probably accounted for more fish (regardless of species) then any others. The fly pattern database has some great examples and instructions, other times I use google images...
  6. Thanks for the hoop up on the web site for the eyes, they have some killer looking flies as well. How quick was the shipping? Cheers...dave
  7. I currently have a Peak Rotary and really have no complaints, however, I have small hands and sometimes have trouble working the back or underside of the fly. I was looking at some smaller vises that have the ability to adjust the angle of the head to become in-line, Anvil, apprentice etc... I like the Nor-vise, but don't want to pony up the $ 300.00...I see Renzetti has a clouser model that looks like it would fit the bill, anybody have any experience with one? It's all about the toys, I did the same thing with shotguns when I shot NSSA skeet and a lot of upland bird shooting, even have an ancient Nikon F3hp and dark room set up...I just can't help it :shocking: thanks for your inputs.
  8. I like the recurring theme...I found some flies I tied a few years ago...Holy :bugeyes: Being an old California boy who grew up watching my dad tie tout flies, I think of tying as a journey with no end. I spend time at the vise because it's relaxing, creative and cheaper than going to the Gold Nugget for lap dances :devil: The money spent on fur and feathers pales in comparison to watching the wife cut the boat in half and spending half of my AF retirement on shoes :sick: In the end I let the fish decide, they don't seem to be as picky about my tying as I am... Cheers
  9. Great detailed instructions, very interesting web site. Outstanding tie, thanks for sharing.
  10. :clapping: SWEEEET...that is one wicked TCS, will also make a great pattern for fishing drops off the flats here in Florida. Big trout hang just off the flats on hot summer afternoons looking for tasty morsels just like that!
  11. Thanks Andy, the body is made of small mylar gold craft cord, 10 yards for a buck, same stuff I used for the body on the Stealth. Next few I make I'll unravel until it looks like a brillo... Swink, they were well worth the effort. I always think big mono eyes are one of the most important features on crabs and shrimp...one I always have trouble with. Thanks for the tip
  12. Dude those are some sweet crabs...really like those claws. Did yo make those eyes?
  13. A version of barflyfish's Baboon Crab Fly Sand Flea McFly Egg Yarn Crabs Got Crabs? :scared:
  14. I googled "dream fly tying room" and you room popped up on the screen :thumbup: the drawers on rollers are wicked, the european head mount on the wall brought tears to my eyes :bugeyes: and on and on... You must have put a lot of work into it, thanks for giving me a benchmark to aim for and a new worry for my wife. Cheers...dave
  15. FlatzFatz

    Finn deceiver

    Thanks Andy, if I can get one to look like that it's going in a frame :cheers:
  16. FlatzFatz

    Needle Fish

    Thanks for the great comments. The collar is palmer chenille, two or three wraps and there you have it...Too easy, will be using it more often. NOw if we could get some decent weather :frusty:
  17. FlatzFatz

    Finn deceiver

    Hey Andy, That is a wicked looking tie :punk: I like the wing, how do you get it to look full around the cheeks like that?
  18. FlatzFatz

    Needle Fish

    Whatcha think... Will it catch trout
  19. FlatzFatz

    Needle Fish

    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by FlatzFatz: Needle Fish
  20. They are an addiction :headbang: and a great way to meet other folks on the forum.
  21. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by FlatzFatz: D.L. Goddard Stealth
  22. Got my flies today... :yahoo: just like a kid at Christmas. Thanks to everyone for some awesome looking flies, can't wait to catch some redfish. Cheers to AGN54 for hosting.
  23. As you can imagine we don't have much call for glow bugs in Florida, besides I haven't even tied one since 1974!!! My dad sent me his stash of materials five years ago, and with all the cold weather and wind keeping us southern boys at the vise...strange things happen It still needs legs, but it has to be the biggest glo-bug I ever tied :bugeyes: four large hanks tied very tight and high tie (both sides of hook), large bead chain eyes and, silicone legs, and craft suede claws. Looking for a slow sinking crab to fool the reds. Let me know what you think, criticisms welcome. Cheers...dave
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