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  1. Thanks for the submission. Although the clouser is one of the most popular ties, I never get tired of seeing variations...keeps us inspired to match the hatch more accurately. Another siestafred bookmark on my list :headbang:
  2. Have never fished or tied a bunny fly...Things are about to change. Have added your pattern to my list, great looking fly. Thanks :headbang:
  3. I like them, look crabby and should push water...have you fished them yet? I like the eyes coming from the back of the fly.
  4. I just got back from Philly...the white stuff on the ground was cold, however, the food was awesome! Those flies rock, I like the look of the longer fur...bet they have great action. Will be ordering some Finnish Raccoon, thanks for the sources
  5. Will get some and try it... Edit: Did a quick look...couldn't find any, where do you buy yours from?
  6. first time I posted the the link got messed up when I edited the picture...new post
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by FlatzFatz: Collier's Gizmo Bugger
  8. I screwed it up when I edited the picture :wallbash: ...I may have to post it again.
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by FlatzFatz: Surf Crab With Eggs
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by FlatzFatz: <img src="uploads/img4b661e5be6aaa.jpg">
  11. All done, addy please... Adaptation of Colliers Gizmo Bugger, arctic fox fur and EP body.
  12. Dude I cant even see a #20 any more :wheelchair: We used to fish a lot of drys... humpies, adams, cahills and the like #14, 18, 12...Thank god I fish saltwater these days! Enjoy Beale, you're in a great central location for fishing some of the best trout water in California... Hope you can skip the the hot vacation location for good long time and spend some quality time on the water. Post a report and pics if you get the chance, stay safe....dave
  13. great stuff guys, thanks for the suggestions. will be on the vise first thing after work tomorrow. Will post results. dave
  14. Hey Frank, Nice fly, What AFSC you in...Spent 20 years in AF Fire/Rescue, nice to an AF guy. Did two tours in California...Mather in Sacramento and Vandenberg. Grew up in Redding where we fished Lassen, Burney, Hat Creek, Upper/Lower Sac, McCloud, and just about any other stream and alpine lake we could find. How's the fishing around Grass Valley and Nevada City, ever fish the Yuba River? Cheers...dave
  15. I have a hard time being consistent...What's the trick, as you can see there always seems to be one or more out of whack. Thanks....dave
  16. I have a lansky and a ceramic light tube from an airfield lighting system....Will give them a try, will then go to to the mouse and CC version. What brand do you recommend. cheers...dave
  17. I have a pair of curved tip and the ones that fit in your palm...both have dulled over the past couple of months, how do you sharpen. Thanks....dave
  18. I think those' ll fish... I like the bead chain eyes, will slow the drop for use when the surf is flat and in the bay. I have also used a glass bead instead of barbell eyes to change the action. I like the hackle collar a lot, going tie to a few of those! Might also want to try artificial an material such as congo hair or splayed hackle feathers with micro flash for the tail. If you will be fishing in the surf, keep some weight on them and cast between the first and second sandbar with varying retrieves. dave
  19. If you don't mind a little saltwater, I'm in... or let me know.
  20. Ever tried then in saltwater...looks like a killer on the flats :thumbsup:
  21. FC1953, that's a very interesting point. I use a dental pick and let the mixture sit for a bit before applying and have not had many problems. I still want to try some of the UV activate products, the mixing and mess can get to be a bother, I also use softex and hard as nails.
  22. Deceivers and clousers in green or chartreuse and white have been mainstays, however, I managed to throw shrimp and crab patterns more often last summer. Looking to expand quite a bit this year, will be many more fly only trips.
  23. Thanks, it was my first attempt at a dubbing loop. Wish I could fish it bro... high temp today was around 40*. Has been in the low 20's high teens at night, I see no need to encourage shrinkage (If ya know what I mean) :eek: We do have a power plant outflow here, but the ride across the bay right now would be wicked cold. Hope to get out on the water later this month, been having withdrawals :jumpy: , will post pics when I do.
  24. Butcher block top, ready made base units...I lack what you might call... the wood working skills :bugeyes: Stayed clean for almost two days BTW... PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE BAIT CASTER IN THE CORNER!!!
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    FTD Whistler

    A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by FlatzFatz: FTD Whistler
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