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  1. Hi Dave- there is some world-class bream fishing very near you=== I used to fish Gap Lake and a few others in the Sand Hills region (Wausau, Sunny Hills) and there are others too. This past year though, there was so much water from the rains... Gap was over FOUR FEET higher than 2008. Caught some big bluegills, but not like 2008. If you're fishing fairly big water, don't be afraid to go up to size 8. I am going to post a step-by-step for a foam bug I developed when I lived down that way. Caught some very nice fish with it, and the locals who used a fly rod absolutely loved it. In fact, that's about the only thing I miss about living down in Dothan, fishing at Gap. The scenery out on Panama City Beach was usually pretty good too.... Thanks JS, that would be all time! I used to spend a lot of time 4-wheeling in the sand hills off of hwy 20 in our old CJ-7, good times. I have a friend that fishes Gap for bass, in 2009 they caught some real pigs, with one over 10 lbs :headbang: You are right about the water levels, during the drought many of the ponds nearly dried up, the huge amount of rain this last year has filled them to levels I haven't seen in years...Very nice. If your familiar with the area, we live on Deer point Lake where Bear Creak enters the main body of the lake. We used to fly fish for bream and bass on a daily basis after work , and then the saltwater bug took control. Biggest Crappie I ever caught was caught on a funky looking epoxy minnow from the end of the boat landing after work...it was huge!!! This site and stressed out work schedule has me looking for an easy way to unwind, wife can have the boat in the water when I get home...Fresh during the week and salt on the week ends and holidays. Perfection!
  2. I've got the itch to start tying foam beetles and STP frogs for bream fishing... What size would you recommend, I was thinking 12. Thanks...dave
  3. Thanks for the advice, it's dead on... It seems the the desire to fix it just a little more ends up adding more and more until it has a pound of feathers and thread attached I do fish around the state park on a regular basis, this year, Oct-Nov was killer for pomps around freshwater bayou and the redfish point area. We also spend quite a bit of time around east / west bay...and as of late St Joe Bay. I grew up fishing trout streams and rivers around Redding Ca (Remember when The Fly Shop first opened in a much smaller location) in the 70's. Ended a military career here in Fl and stayed for the killer flats fishing :headbang: I didn't get a chance to fish the shiner today, OMG cold and windy...high in the low 40's :bugeyes: which after 15 years in Fl is to darn cold!!! I am looking forward to fishing them over the grass this spring for the same reasons mentioned...SLOW sink and suspending for speckled trout. However, I did take a deep clouser swimming on the lunch hour today...no fishing, just swiming I didn't catch any fish, however, the eyes stayed on (even straight!!) and it kept all the hair it started with As y'all said earlier...less is good. Thanks for the replies and interest...Tight lines and warmer weather.
  4. Just having a little winter therapy at the vise. Thunder Creek Silver Shiner...with a saltwater twist Bend-back Marabu Clouser / Deceiver Gizmo
  5. My christmas started off with a bang this morning when my x-mas box was delivered!!! Add another addiction to the list...Fly Tyers Dungeon. Thank you Mad Scientist!
  6. That'ill darn sure work, it says redfish to me
  7. Too much fun...This place :headbang: They all fit the pattern, we had a killer fun drinking beer and trying to figure a winner The truest description has to be bucktail biter (henry), the local boys are going with crooked island cracker (chalk), it's a great place to fish and it well...after all, this is the south in the end... call it what you like they are all great names! Saltydog, next time we need to name a project you get the call... Nice TURD :hyst: Anybody who wants one, please shoot me a PM with your address and 'll get one out to you. Henry, if you get a chance to fish some more bones I sure would like to know how it works! Thanks to everyone.
  8. I just ordered arctic fox to replace marabou, speckled trout fangs are hard on feathers. That is a great looking fly, looks like a killer all around flats go to fly.
  9. Very simple to tie...basically it's a hank of buck tail tied tied deep clouser style on the bottom of the hook over dumbbell eyes, micro flash, holographic flash, and epoxy over over flash braid. Lots of room for variations in materials...could be fun! No complaints here, great looking flies. Your merkins would be a hit with panama city redfish and pomps...what did you use for the body? The first two were very interesting...What is the two piece pattern, those things look killer. We fish for stripers in the rivers here, we also have a hybrid striper / sunshine bass that is fun to catch. Although not as popular as up north, they do have a following here. I use live shrimp on light inshore tackle for hybrids :bugeyes: on the inter-coastal waterway. The fishing and back water flats are the reason we stayed in Florida after retiring from the Air Force. We're originally from northern California where we fly fished some of the greatest rivers, streams and alpine lakes the state has to offer, but after a couple years here (with no snow!) we were hooked. BTW...Awesome dog! All time pic with the booze!
  10. Pomps happen to be a a bit of a passion... Lets see what you use for this tasty surf dweller, maybe get up enough interest for a swap. This pattern (pompano rocket) is named for Greg (Rocket Man) Speer, it is used by north florida guides for pomps, redfish, trout etc...and is available commercially. or see... www.freewebs.com/beachflies/flycatalog.htm
  11. I tie right handed and share your taste in hook holder. Cheers! It has worked well for me, so far yellow has been kicking butt this winter...placed two nice clouser variations and a pink pompano rocket in for ya
  12. NIce uber trout, pink fly and yellow mouth look nice together. We haven't been out for three weeks :crying: work, weather, and repainting the spare room have kept us too busy, will make time next week... might even go christmas day! Been left handed all my life but don't let the vise fool you... I tie right handed, made it easier to learn (Borski videos), also golf and toss a cast net same way, same reason.
  13. Outstanding work bro... Shrimp are a definite universal pattern, most anything that swims will jump all over a tasty crustacean... That one will not lack for attention in the water :headbang:
  14. JEEZO!!! :bugeyes: What a deal, I sent an e-mail just the other day and got a reply about ten minutes ago. Wasted no time in sending payment, this has got to be the best deal on materials I have ever seen. This is the second time I have used a vendor from the FTF, I recently placed an order from J Stockard's and was extremely pleased with their service and merchandise, now this... I joined about four years ago and just started participating within the last few weeks...My loss, the knowledge base here is incredible and the willingness of the members to share this knowledge is refreshing to say the least. You can bet that I will be placing an order for a subscription to Hatches magazine, this place is really worth supporting. Tight Lines....dave
  15. Hey Chalk, I've never heard of Crooked Island...is it close to Panama City So how has the fishing been for you, I see that you have done well with the IFA...Good to see Panama City boys put big numbers on the board. Seems I remember you changed boats, but can't remember to what , I'm still fishing a blue 17 Sterling, stop and say hey if you see us on the water...Still fish CIS and West Bay, but have been fishing St Joe more and more when not traveling for work. Look forward to seeing that oyster fish, bet it's got a sweet action in the water, God knows I need all the help I can get with the long rod See ya on the water....dave (the artist formally known as the FSFF CaliforniaRedneck) BTW nine flies down, will be complete Friday.
  16. Thanks for all the great suggestions, looks like it will boil down to some serious thinking and perhaps a beer or two... This is the first swap I've participated in and am excited to trade ideas. cheers...dave
  17. Very cool looking fly. I don't have any odeas for a name but it looks like it will sure catch fish. Is that EZ shape sparkle on the head? Thanks AGN, It's Sparkly Glitter Glue from Hobby Lobby, stuffs like $1.00 or $2.00 bucks a bottle...But it's a secret, so don't tell anyone
  18. Lefty is one of the great forefathers of saltwater fly fishing. He has developed many of todays most popular and effective salt patterns such as Lefty's Deceiver, and one of his favorite color combos is chartreuse and white...It often takes fish when no other color will :headbang: In fact I would venture a guess that more fish have been taken on chanteuse and white Deceivers or Clousers than and other salt pattern. Google Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Flip Pallot and follow the links to other salt water fly fishing greats, it's not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. dave
  19. Well, here it is...Not sure what to call it, asked for some help in the saltwater section. Will be tying it in the bright color combo shown due to the clear cold water prevalent this time of year, am also considering a chartreuse combo in deference to Lefty Kreh's "if it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use" wisdom. Wanted to go for a general shrimp / crab type attractor kind of gizmo. Cheers.....dave
  20. I am going to tie this for the Redfish fly swap, only one problem...What to call it. I totally suck at naming things, I work in robotics (firefighting) at the Air Force Research Lab, Tyndall AFB Fl, and the only decent name I have come up with in last two years is the Tactical Urban Response Device (TURD)... and that was for a platform of dubious distinction I want to get them tied by next week, so if you can come up with a name by Friday I'll send a couple Still need to add a couple of coats of Hard As Hull, otherwise it's complete.
  21. Welcome to the Forum. I've been to PC several times when I was an undergrad at FSU but unfortunately I never got any fishing in :drunk: I used to do alot of fishng a little east of there in Lanark Village near Carrabelle and over at Alligator Point. Some great fishing for reds and trout around there. It's a short drive and the fishing this summer was awesome, if you get the chance to get up this way, let me know...Will see if we can get you on some fish. cheers....dave
  22. Hey, Fellas, If you don't mind I would like to join in. I live in Panama City Fl, love to tie, fish, and fish some more. I have posted a picture of some flies and a fish or two, this is my first post and thought this would be a great way to say...Hello! Look forward to being a part of this forum, very friendly and helpful place. Some Redfish food...
  23. Hey Ya'll, Just found this site while surfing for salt water patterns..."I will search no more forever". This site goes beyond any other I have seen, inspired a trip to halfhitch tackle and the hobby lobby for more stuff! You have some outstanding talent and are willing to share with other addicted folk, helping to perpetuate our sport. My dad taught me to fly fish @ 14 in some of the finest trout streams and rivers in northern Ca, its been a life long passion ever since. Have sinced moved to Panama City Fl. after 23 years in Air Force Fire / Recue and discovered a whole new way enjoy our sport. Look forward to chatting with ya'll and posting some pattern in the near future C-Ya.................dave :bugeyes: :cheers:
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