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  1. Very realistic tie bro...bravo !
  2. You have done it again by putting a hook thru the cricket....nice work mate !
  3. How did you manage to put a hook thru the mantis ? Seriously....nice tie as usual mate !
  4. Very nice tie mate !
  5. Very very nice tie mate !
  6. Nice tie as usual mate !
  7. Nice fly, thanks for the tutorial mate ! will tie some and hopefully catch something with it
  8. Nice squid mate ! It will surely catch something big =)
  9. Very nice tie mate ! And thanks for sharing the SBS =)
  10. Very nice tie mate.....quick....I need to know your secret recipe for this =))
  11. How not to like this mate ? So nice and real =)
  12. Very nice tie mate ! like the spots =)
  13. Used to fish for them in commercial fishing pond here in SG with raw tapioca slices...not too sure if they will take flies though, a rather timid fish and spook easily.....
  14. You are killing way too many insects to put onto your hooks mate ! hahaha......great tie and nothing but the best from you my friend.
  15. Wonder how you manage to stick that hook into the mantis ? Kidding....amazing tie mate !
  16. Another nice tie mate, love those red eyes =)
  17. That's a very nice tie mate, look so real! Please post more =)
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