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  1. You are so right about fly tying being a great source of therapy. Last year I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and I thought that it was the end of everything for me. Long story short, I was unable to work a standard 12 hour day due to the fatigus of my body and I had a choice to make. Should I take an early retirement or try to continue on? We had a vacation scheduled for Alaska last year and we all were hopeing that we could still proceeed with our plans. My Dctor said that it was ok to go just go at it slow which we did. I was at Haines, Alaska and I was overlooking the bay from the campground and everything was so peaceful, it was then that made up my mind to take the retirement when we got home, which I did. Shortly afterwards, I resumed my fly tying efforts, it took a lot off of my mind and it gave me the joy back that I had missed for a long time. I can't tie the volume of flies like I used to but hey, I'm tying for me and my wife, not semi commercial like I had done years ago. I hope that you keep getting stronger and that you get to enjoy the time with your family that is so precious.
  2. Hey Jeff, Congrats on winning!! A job well done!! I just registered as a new member today and I'd like to say thanks for directing me to this group. Gordon ( gsk58 ) Golden, Colorado
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