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  1. Just about to tie some midges for this late winter/early spring and this will be the first time I am tying them. I have yet to find out which patterns I will be tying and I imagine that as long as they are tiny that they should work regardless of their color. If you could suggest to me some patterns or colors that might work please let me know ASAP. I plan on fishing them this weekend.!!!!!
  2. At this time, I don't have much to spare...sorry about that. I just started tying myself and let me tell you, as much as you think it will save you money, it won't. I hate to tell you this but you will spend so much money on materials it is not even funny. There are some ways to save money however; buy the 100 Packs from Whiting Farms for your hackle. This will help you tie more flies of the same size without going through an entire neck for a few single feathers and necks are expensive. Also, try Ebay for some great materials at a good price or some used tools for that matter. I know that local fly shops usually have a beginners fly tying set with all of the tools you will need for about $30. Hope this helps...if I come across anything that may be useful to you I won't hesitate to send it your direction. ~Andy
  3. Whiting Farms puts out a product called the "Bugger Pack." The feathers/hackle in this pack are specifically picked to fit large patterns such as buggers and they come in a variety of colors. You can pick them up at your local fly shop for around $10-15.
  4. I am going to Yellowstone from June 18th-25th and I was wondering a few things. First of all, what waters should I fish during that time of year, what patterns should I make sure and have tied up before the trip, and finally if anyone would want to meet me and a buddy while we are down there for a day or two of fishing. Let me know whats up, I would like as much help with this topic as possible since I am very unfamiliar with that area. Thanks again! ~Andy
  5. I would love to join this swap. As you can see, I am new to these forums but would be more than happy to contribute to the swap, it sounds like a blast. I have only been tying for about 3 months so if that doesn't work for you guys let me know. My ties aren't perfect but they sure as heck catch fish! Let me know if you can squeeze me in. Thanks P.S. Did you post the address that we need to send them to or will that come later?
  6. Just sitting here tying some BWO's and I was wondering what are some of your favorites? This is my first post in these forums and I'm hoping to give as much information as I can contribute. Here are a few of my patterns in size 20. I have only been tying since late November, so let me know what you think. If you have another pattern or a modification to my patterns please let me know. Thanks and I look forward to talking to all of you in the future!
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