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  1. fly time

    Snowy Long Beards

    Yep its about that time, Im gonna start scouting this weekend, I love some turkey huntin!!! Dustin
  2. Great job to all!!!!!!! Im stoaked to see all the flies, and great job Will on the pics!!! and Thanks for running this great contest, Will and the rest of the mods and staff here all deserve a big thanks as well as do all the participants!!!! Dustin
  3. Another damn nice lookin pattern you have turned out!!!! Dustin
  4. Awsome!!! You all are doing great with the speed of tying these flies up, and getting them out, I cant wait to see what you fellas come up with!!! Dustin
  5. Ladies, I cant wait to see your flies, and Ill post the pics if you wish, Im glad you enjoyed tying the flies!!, and Ill update this swap once they arrive Dustin
  6. fly time

    Super Bowl

    Just another excuse for me to drink beer, I recken if I gotta root for a team go Bears. Dustin
  7. I enjoy a cold Budweiser, Corona, Sam Adams, or whatever, I love lotsa different beer. If its been kinda bad lately and I want somethin a lil more potent, its either Turkey 101 or I just break out the jar of shine. Dustin
  8. fly time


    Welcome to FTF, enjoy all the great folks and info we have here. Dustin
  9. Hey guys and gals, I may not be online for a few days, my PC is screwed up pretty bad, so if there are no updates on this one, dont freak out on me, Ill get everything updated as soon as everything is fixed, so please bare with me on this, and keep the packages rollen in :headbang: Remember if everyone can get em in early, I can ship em back out to ya early Thanks to all!!! Dustin
  10. Is that all you got chump :smoke: :butt: Dustin
  11. Ive seen better :dunno: here is a pic of my steelhead box----- -------- pretty nice huh!!! Nice lookin assortmant man, ya should be able to catch a few fish with those, and looks like ya have enough, unless your fishin the damn logjam PM, land of the lost flies!!! I swear its like the bermuda triangle for flies. Dustin
  12. For half of that fee, Ill show SD where the Mtns are Dustin
  13. fly time

    And that is why

    Day 5, I agree 100% that :sd: and he bares a striking resemblance to that big daddy hubbard guy that was on here a while back. Dustin
  14. What did ya use for the wings on the one on the far right? I like the looks of em! Dustin
  15. Both are great looking flies, I especially like the one on the right!! Dustin
  16. Very good lookin fly, a fish catcher for sure!! Dustin
  17. It will catch fish, and your call on crowding the head is right on, keep em comin!! Dustin
  18. It will catch fish, I guarentee that, your comin right along :headbang: Dustin
  19. When I do bead heads, I wrap infront of the bead, and not behind it, but Redwings is correct as well. Dustin
  20. Good to see ya back snuggly bear!!! Dustin
  21. Good luck bro, Im sure you will do fine, and cant wait to see some flies!!! Dustin
  22. No problem bud Ya should learn alot from the classes. Dustin
  23. You aint a kidden Dustin
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