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  1. Hey Shaq I dont know how much help this is but my mom grows these things and from bulb to sprout is approx. a month and a half to two months and from sprout to flower is approx. 2 months they flower in mid to late June to the end of July and there is an old saying that goes like this the first year they sleep the second year they creep and the third year they leap. I guess thats cause they come back every year or something. hope this helps you if not sorry. Dustin
  2. good lookin flies a lighthouse man what goes through your mind at the vice????but it rocks. congrats guys
  3. :bugeyes: :headbang: sweet flies guys boy i sure would not have to be the judge of this contest lots of hard choices, super job :cheers:
  4. I dont know if you need any more or not but if you do send me a message and i will tie whatever you need if not you can count me in on the next one. great cause and I would love to help out!!!!!!!! Dustin
  5. :headbang: that fly is sweet you have done a great job on this one, one question how do you keep it from crawling outta your fly box? LOL :hyst:
  6. fly time


    :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: Brent that thing is awsome u da man how about a step by step for that thing? thats one ill have a drink to. keep up the good work!! Dustin
  7. Hey Alex it seems that as long as you have been with her the worst has past but i guess not sorry to hear this, hopefully things will work out, keep your head up man, my parrents divorced when i was 4 and it wasnt all that bad for me and my sister. Believe it or not kids can understand why these things happen. best of luck and keep on fishin. Dustin
  8. Welcome this sight rocks :headbang: very helpful bunch of people around here so ask about anything you need and you will get the answers.
  9. Im a righty and you would NOT wanna see a fly that i tied left handed.
  10. Hey FC hope that thing starts healin up ASAP
  11. :headbang: :yahoo: that thing is just toooo sweeeet ducky i want one you should market that thing i would buy one. just one thing you made my hommade desk look like a 2 year old made it :baby: or mabey it was the beer i was drinkin at the time. anyway great job man Dustin
  12. at the current time i have 2 vices one is a cheap sunrise-for back up only and my main vice is a Thompson model A right now its all i can afford but i have been checking out Dyna kings and Renzitties fixin to get on or the other asap i want a pedistol rotary vice so might as well get a good one right :dunno: when i get one i will let everyone know what i think of it. but for a beginner i think the thompson is a good start.
  13. hey Jake first you got an excellent starter kit, i own a randall kaufman book its great. i have never fished in NC but you should tie up some stoneflies black and yellow on a size 8 or 10 as far as materials go try your local fly shop, if your funds wont allow that, which i know how it is to do without in a world of pleanty, there are many other methods of getting materials that might shock you, like road kill, chicken farms, cattle farms, pet shops, craft stores etc. also try asking for aadvice in the chat room. these guys are very helpful and welcome to the forum.
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