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  1. A hairwing, thats a very productive pattern, and I must say Im very impressed with your skills starting out!!! your first flies look waaaaay better than mine did. Keep up the great work, and keep posting your fly pics. Dustin
  2. I may be mistaken, but I believe they are circuit testers. Dustin
  3. I remolded a building in Dayton, it was called Pamico, they sell pipe, and refreridgeration products. Anyways welcome to FTF, enjoy all the great folks and info we have to offer here. Dustin
  4. Those look very good Steelie, I can only imagine the fish they will land ya!!! Dustin
  5. Beautiful work!!!! and I must say You earn my respect for getting tohse wet!!! Dustin
  6. Hey Alex, wanna buy some flies :dunno: Dustin
  7. Not bad at all especially for just starting out. on your dry, it kinda looks like an Adams, but not :dunno: The hackel is too long, and the tail needs to be tied to lay more on top of the hook, and splayed out flat, this willl help it float better, and try to make the body of it more cigar shaped. Like I said I believe both will catch fish, and keep up the good work. Dustin
  8. Yes I believe so far that all the flies that I have recieved are for sure fish catchers!! :headbang: Dustin
  9. I got flies from Billy today, nice ties Billy!! So far with the 3 sets that I have recieved, I have noticed that none of you have made the all to common mistake amongst even vetern tyers, which is crowding the heads of your flies. Nice work to all so far. :headbang: Dustin
  10. Spectacular flies :headbang: :headbang: Dustin
  11. Great lookin fly Greifs!!!!! :headbang: Dustin
  12. Looks ALOT better than my first mouse!!!!! Dustin
  13. Welcome to FTF, you will enjoy this place. I use a Nikon cool pics 4100 to take and post all my pics. Dustin
  14. Happy B-Day Gary and Damian, hope you guys have a great day!!! :cheers: Dustin
  15. Scotch guard is how I fix that problem, it works well, and so does Steves idea. Dustin
  16. Nice work, but I must ask what the hell ya using to cast that last fly???? Dustin
  17. Got mine today, great job everybody :headbang: Thanks to Kerry for hosting!!! Dustin
  18. The river is the Greenbrire, and that particular section runs about 60 miles along the greenbrire river trail, I have yet to hike all of it, but I have covered alot of it and know it well, you can camp along the whole trail as well and its all free. Dustin
  19. Well after a series of unfortunate events in my life, I had to get out yesterday and gather back some of my sanity, and other than being in the middle of the stream casting, the only other way I can accomplish this is to be alone with mother nature, because if you listen close enough she will speak to you!!! and here are some picts I would like to share with you all from my day out yesterday, these are picts from places that soothe me, and of a couple stretches of water that I often fish for smallies, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Dustin
  20. Here are the flies from Addie Here are the flies from Kaylidh Very nice work ladies, I cant wait to see the rest of the flies that come in!!!! Dustin
  21. I recieved flies today from Addie, and Kaylidh, As always in these kids swaps, Im so amazed by the talent of our young tyers, ladies these flies look GREAT!!!!! :headbang: And I greatly appreciate the extra flies and kind notes Both of you will recieve the 5 extra flies for being the first packages to arrive :yahoo: Ill post picts later today, once again these flies are great!!!! And Addie, I love the way you packaged your flies its like you have been in dozens of swaps before :headbang: Thanks to all for participating in this swap, and I hope to have you in many more!!!! Dustin.
  22. That video is great :headbang: :hyst: I want one of those!!!! Dustin
  23. Billy I dont mind the different flies, its no problem at all, no need to re tie them. Dustin
  24. Steve if I taught you anything at the PM it was how to open corona with no bottle opener And to seriesofseven, fine lookin Irish Lass ya got there Dustin
  25. Not very much snow here, but the ice has been puttin a hurtin on us Dustin
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