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  1. fly time


    Welcome to FTF, enjoy!!! Dustin
  2. Good luck with that John!!! Dustin
  3. Dude buy it all now, cause 10 years down the road, you will own it anyways, this is not a hobbie, but a way of life, I still have lotsa stuff Ill never use, but I cant part with it!!! Dustin
  4. Very productive lookin pattern!!! Great job. Dustin
  5. I like that fly!!!!! looks like it will produce some nice fish!!! Dustin
  6. I think it turned out pretty daggone good, I like it!!!! Great Job!!!!!!!!! :headbang: Dustin
  7. Welcome to FTF, and I wouldnt be tellin alot of folks I know D5 Dustin
  8. I dont know what it is, but I feel a realistic comin, thanks for the great pic.!!! Dustin
  9. Congrats on the new job buddy, I hope ya like it, and it pays well!!! Dustin
  10. How kind of you to rub that beauty in our faces!!! Beautiful desk!!!! Dustin
  11. Dont know ya, but welcome back Dave!!! Dustin
  12. Damn, you guys make me so glad Im single!!!! Dustin
  13. Im impressed with how well that feather turned out!!! looks good!! Dustin
  14. Purple is a great color for murkey farm ponds, and stained waters. Ya should have luck on the LMB with it. Dustin
  15. fly time

    Happy B-Day

    Happy B-Day picken6, hope ya have a good one bro!!!!!!! Dustin
  16. That is a sexy fly Bud!!!! :headbang: Dustin
  17. Looks like a fish catcher to me!!! :headbang: Dustin
  18. fly time

    Rod care

    I usually just toss mine in the dishwasher :dunno: Dustin
  19. I have tied a hummingbird as well, and found it to be puite a challange, yours turned out well, nice work!!! Dustin
  20. :hyst: :hyst: Now thats funny!!!! Dustin
  21. Rick, that is great news, I bet she is so thrilled about not gettin stuck anymore!!! Congrats for the both of ya!! Dustin
  22. This would be somethin fun to get going again. Dustin
  23. Welcome back, and Congrats on the New wife, and new life!!!! Dustin
  24. That pattern will be a killer for sure on the smallies on the Greenbrire River!!!!
  25. Those are some Badass lookin helgies!!!!!! the name is proper!!! Dustin
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