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  1. Still have not tied the last couple of my flies guys, I have been pretty busy lately, and will get them wrapped up and out asap!!! Dustin
  2. I got mine today!!!! a very productave lookin buncha flies for my parts!!!! Great job everyone!! :headbang: And thanks oldfarmer for hosting, You run a fine swap Dustin
  3. Great job on the turtle!!! Thats a great tie!!!!! Dustin
  4. Were glad to have ya, enjoy!! Dustin
  5. I like the looks of that fly, it has a very nice N fishy look to it!!! Dustin
  6. Thats a fish catcher for sure there!!! :headbang: Dustin
  7. I Would love to see some picts of how this is done, the concept is cool!! Dustin
  8. Cant wait to see what comes back!!! hope ya guys catch somethin with mine!! Dustin
  9. Thanks Addie The flie that you are talkin about is probbly a size 22 Griffiths Gnat. The recipe for that fly is HOOK: #16-22 dry fly hook THREAD: black BODY: Peacock Herl HACKLE: Grizzly, Palmerd thru Body Its not really a hard fly to tie, I started tying it on a #16 then moved my way down to a #22, tying about 12 of each size at a time, and you will be suprized how quick you will be tying them Thanks for joining the swap, and glad you enjoyed it!! I will do another soon. Dusitn
  10. I aldways love to see your tube flies man, they are fantastic!!!!! Dustin
  11. fly time


    There are alot of educated folks on here!! and Will the last time ya said no personal info will be given, there were naked picts of Steve floatin around on the net for months Dustin
  12. fly time

    What Next!

    That desk would be damn nice for fly tying!!! :headbang: Dustin
  13. fly time


    Yeah thanks guys, the pain is brutal, the doc said that everyone carries it on their skin, its just a matter of it getting into a wound :wallbash: Dustin
  14. fly time


    I went fishin the other day, and my waiders leak in my right legg. They rubbed a blister on my calf, and 4 days later it was enormous, I went to the ER yesterday, and the doc said I got staff infection, now this stuff hurts like hell, probbly the worst pain Ive experienced in years, now no fishin for 2 weeks, and no work for a few days!! Dustin
  15. Break out the shotgun!!!! Dustin
  16. Sorry to hear that man, I just lost a good friend last week in a wreck, she was hit head on by a guy driving a stolen car which was being chased by police through 6o'clock traffic. Both my friend and the moron that stole the car were pronounced DOA. She left behind many many friends, a great husband, and a 3 year old lil boy. I have lost so many friends to wrecks, it sickens me, and in HS my girlfriend was killed in a wreck on Christmas Eve. Dustin.
  17. Great Job on that fly!!!! Dustin
  18. I dont know how many of ya on here deal with Stockard, but I just purchased 2 orders from them, and The shipping is lightning fast, and product was exact. I have never been so satisfied with an on line company in my life, and they will see alot more busisness from me. The prices are great as well, I spent a lil over 200 bucks, and got a lotta stuff. If you have not dealt with them, you gotta try them they are amazing!!!!! Dustin
  19. Welcome to FTF!!! Dustin
  20. That lil feller has got it down :headbang: Thats awsome stuff!!! Dustin
  21. How about a materials list on those?? good lookin stuff. Dustin
  22. Yes, great job to all!!! I was pleased to host this swap, and amazed by the talant you kids have!!!! Dustin
  23. Thats great stuff!! thanks for posting it. Im there right now, things are greening up, and its almost 80 outside!!! Dustin
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