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  1. Nice work buddy!!!! Dustin
  2. Allrighty then!!!!! Dustin
  3. Welcome back John, glad to see your fine work again!!! Dustin
  4. fly time


    try wally world, they have hip waiders, and at a fair price, that way ya can try em on. Dustin
  5. No problemo glad to do it, and will do another soon!!! Dustin
  6. That thing has a nice A$$!!! good lookin tie!!! Dustin
  7. Kill him first, and dump the body in a manhole, and throw 50 pounds of lime on it, and oh yea make sure ya pull it back in the manhole about 15 feet, and the rats will take care of the rest!!! Just jokin!!! I went through the same thing in HS bro, and I was #1 on this dumb asses hit lise that the school found, this occured just a couple days after I kicked the crap outta this boy for chokin a chick, and it was just all BS!!! Its the kids who are loaners and dont talk about this stuff are the ones ya gotta worry about. Go to your prom and have fun man, and if your really worried report this kid to the cops. Dustin
  8. I cant believe they are not there yet Dustin
  9. Glad to hear they arrived, guys and gals, all untagged flies came from me, I wanted to make sure you all got full sets back, for the 2 that dropped out. Now go out and catch some fish with em!!! Dustin
  10. Glad to hear billy!!!! hope everyone dnjoys them all, and you all catch some fish on em!!!!! Dustin
  11. Nice!!!! I love it!!! :headbang: :headbang: Dustin
  12. Go ahead and send me an addy, Ill wrap mine up in the next day or so!! Dustin
  13. Ashby, I think it was the picts of the cheerleaders that ya sent us back, that got ya all these kick ass gifts, I know I enjoyed em Congrats buddy, We appreciate what you and all of the rest of those serving do for us!! Dustin
  14. Oldfarmer, Man Im sorry to hear about your very discomferting irritatation, it sounds painful!!!! If ya dont have my flies in the next three days, just wrap up without em, and dont keep the rest waiting on me. Good luck with the wife Dustin
  15. fly time

    Shameless tooting

    Congrats!!! I think I got that channel. Dustin
  16. fly time

    Michael Clouser

    Sad news indeed. Dustin
  17. fly time

    BeaverSFU -

    I work with a few girls that kinda resemble those in beavers avatar :headbang: Damn I love my job!!!! Dustin
  18. Sorry guys, I did not get the flies out today, I overslept, I didnt get outta work till around 2 oclock lastnight, but they are in the box now and the mail lady will pick em up tomarrow. Again Im sorry for this, but it will only put em a day late. Dustin.
  19. Happy Birthday fellas!! hope its a great one!! Dustin
  20. I got the last 2 sets today, we had 2 that did not make it at all I wont mention names, but they were not kids, and its sad that the kids are more responsable than the adults, but anywho they are going out tomarrow, so expect to see your flies in the next 3 to 5 days!! Dustin
  21. Happy Birthday!!! have a great one!!!!! :headbang: :yahoo: Dustin
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