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  1. Great job, and I agree, Alex is a great instructor, and great tyer, we can learn alot from him!!! Dustin
  2. I got mine today, great job guys, and thanks Brent for hosting!!! Dustin
  3. Yet another great Graham!!!! great job buddy!!! Dustin
  4. Go lime and go VIP man I pulld this one before and it was great!!! or find a good friend of age to drive the escelade. Good luck and congrats on the graduation. Dustin
  5. Thats simple, its because some folks view a post, and if they dont feel that they have a good reply, then they dont reply. for instance, say you check out a post with a catchy title, but then you see that there is nothing valuablt that you can add to the post you just go to something else. It happens all the time. Dustin
  6. This sounds like it should be fun!! Ill play!! Dustin
  7. C'mon Bud, the anticipaton is killen me here!! Dustin
  8. fly time

    Happy B-Day

    Happy B-Day Carver :cheers: have a good one. Dustin
  9. Great work!! Very creative :headbang: Dustin
  10. fly time

    Whos guilty...

    Cool video, thanks! I thought that fly looked pretty good, I would fish it. Dustin
  11. OK guys, my flies for this one are gonna be a larger fly for gills, but it lands me many hogs outta the farm ponds, so Ill go with it. Its a small minnow pattern, and Ill get started on em in the morning. Dustin
  12. :wallbash: I compleatly forgot about this swap, my flies have been done for sometime now, Ill send em out in tomarrows mail. Sorry guys. Dustin
  13. Great job guys, this is a fish catching package comin back to us :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Dustin
  14. I am still on the look out for a couple of packages, so everyone will get a full set. It wont be much longer and you will be recieving a nice pack of flies at your home, and they will be just in time to start fishin with!! Thanks to all the great swappers for joining this swap, and thanks for the great extras you sent me. I hope to do another kids swap soon. Dustin
  15. Flies are due in 3 days, I will not give extensions, what I have by March 5 is what will be going back out, so if I get any flies after that, they will be shipped back to you. Thanks for joining everyone, and I cant wait for you to get these flies!!! Dustin
  16. Looks cool, but my mother says I cant hang out with folks like you :dunno:
  17. just slide your cone tight to the eye, and start your build up right behind your cone. Dustin
  18. Hell yea boys Im game, pattern TBD. Dustin
  19. Don, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Dustin
  20. fly time

    Monster Fish

    Yeah I seen that, I was rooting for the fish Dustin
  21. Damn Steve, that dont look like you, atleast not how I remember you looking Dustin
  22. fly time

    Holy Crap

    That pic of the big rock truck running over that little red truck was from the coal mine that my mom works at, the guy driving the pickup was killed, and the guy that was driving the rocktruck never seen the truck or knew he had run it over till he was 100 yards past it. He retired shortly after that happend, it was a sad thing. Dustin
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