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  1. Im in, I just bought some hooks, and boa yarn just for some helgies :headbang: Dustin
  2. fly time


    Glad I can add to your amusement!! Dustin
  3. Sorry I didnt wrap that framed spey in a bandana that ya could use next time ya were in the desert :wallbash: I know that one wont work, cause they dont have anything green there Dustin
  4. What a beautiful fly!!!! I am always in amazement by your work!!!!!!! Dustin
  5. Thats gotta suck!!!!!!!!! Dustin
  6. Great looking fly!!! :headbang: and thanks for the info as well!!! Dustin
  7. What are those wings??? Great lookin fly as well!!! Dustin
  8. I really like that wingcase, what is the material?? Dustin
  9. fly time

    Trout Photos

    Very nice pics, thanks for sharing those with us!!!! Dustin
  10. Order ya a small riker box off of ebay, or ya can find em at a photography shop, they are really cheap in price, just stick it in there, and hang it in your tying area!!! Dustin
  11. Welcome to FTF, beware, once you start tying, there is no getting out, you will be hooked!!!!! Dustin
  12. Fantastic looking fly!!!! Dustin
  13. Looks like a great panfish pattern, like said in previous posts, just replace the eyes. I look forward to seeing some more of your work!! Dustin
  14. I cant wait to get these flies, they will be put to good use!!! :headbang: Dustin
  15. Actually steelie, a helgermite swap would be perfect, it wont be long and we will be tossing them. Dustin
  16. Man those would work magic around these parts!!! great lookin tie. The funny thing is, you and your wife go to the craft store togeather Dustin
  17. Now now ladies, enough bickering!! Dustin
  18. That fly looks like it would be deadly on many species, crack heads included Dustin
  19. Bud, i know exactly the fury that you feel, My best friends sister is a crack w-ore, and has robbed him and his family of everything, and she runs with a crowed of crackheads, I was once at his house and his sister and some of her crack possie came in and started to take stuff, thats when my friend and my self both drew our guns, him a 12guage, and me my glock 40cal. It was not the smartest thing that we have done, because the rage got so bad we both emptied our guns on the car they arrived in, luckily no one was killed. I cant imagine the pain you are going through right now with your brothers ignorance, and poor descision making, but you need to put him in rehab, for his problem. Please be careful in your actions and dont do something you will regreat in the long run. I wish you and your brother the best, and will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Dustin
  20. fly time

    I am so screwed

    Yea, I believe I would go dumpster diving if I were you, hate to hear that for ya. Dustin
  21. Im sorry, but this swap has been closed to new tyers for a while now, and I already have half of the flies. But after this one is over I will be hosting another that you are more than welcome to join if you wish. Just keep your eyes opne for it to pop up. Dustin
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