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  1. That fly should crush the bass!!! :headbang: Dustin
  2. fly time

    I am so screwed

    I got dibbs on TB's tying stuff when his wife kills him Dustin
  3. Mine was the very first one, but that was my old setup and I must say Steve, I agree with ya, I cane match many of those setups to their owners. That is pretty cool for ideas on how to upgrade. Dustin
  4. Congrats guys, you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!! Dustin
  5. Well it looks like ya finnally get to put these things to use man. now take a break and get em wet!!!!!!! Dustin
  6. Good to hear Ashby, I look forward to seeing some of your work, and Im sure ya did fine on the test!! Dustin
  7. I would like to thank first my father and grandfather, my dad bought me my first fly rod and a cheapie tying kit when I was 11, and its something that stuck with me every since, I fell in love with fly fishing and fly tying. My grandfather bought me another rod, that was alot nicer for Christmas. Both have helped to fund my hobbie every since, hell they have more money in my gear than I do, but they realize how much passion I have for it, and they know it helps keep me outta trouble. Second I would like to thank all of you here on the site, for the overwhelming wealth of info and knowledge I have gained as a member here. A few in particular would be Steve, Vito1(Matt) Redwings, and the rest of the gang that was at the PM trip last year, they showed me how to (chuck "n" duck) and they got some enjoyment outta watching me try that for the first time, but I also learned alot about salmon fishing from them as well, and I also learned alot of other neat tips and tricks as well. I will have to say that the members on this site have taught me so much more than I have ever expected to learn, and have inspired me so much. Also a big thanks to Will for putting up with all of us here and providing such a great place for us all to hang out and learn, my hat goes off to you guys. Dustin
  8. I have caught them many of times, but I perfer to shoot em with a bow :headbang:
  9. I know white eggs work well here in WV. Im not a big fan of catching carp, and Am amazed that folks actually try to catch these things. Dustin
  10. You guys talk about Yettie fur, like its something hard to find, hell we have an open season on em here in WV, because they are so distructive. I got 2 in the freezer, that Im gonna take to the taxidermist to get mounted. :dunno: Dustin
  11. The title says it all!!!! I worked at a go mart once, and sold a ladie a $10.000 dollar winner scratch off, I never seen her again, but here is the sick part, I bought the 3 before that winner Dustin
  12. That rod will be mine....Oh yes it will be mine!!!!!!!!!! :headbang: I hope ya got lotsa tickets Steve :headbang: Dustin
  13. The only way I could see this idea flying is if they did it as a sub forum in mabey the classic and artistic salmon forum, I figure those would be the majority of the folks interrested in the hook making. It could be done like the hunting sub forum and ice fishing sub forum on TFF. Just a thought :dunno: Dustin
  14. Great lookin fly Daryn!! :thumbup: Dustin
  15. DEER HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: Dustin
  16. I must say.....Excellente work keep it up!!! Dustin
  17. Thats very cool!!! She does look quite proud of her work :headbang: Dustin
  18. Looks like a fish catching pattern to me!!! Nice. Dustin
  19. We appreciate the update, and i wish your wife the best, and a speedy recovery, The two of you have been through alot lately, and deserve some great news!!!! Keep us updated. Dustin
  20. Very cool fly, and nice job on the layering!! Dustin
  21. fly time

    fish stories

    This one time at band camp.......uh .....wait wrong story Dustin
  22. Welcome to FTF, enjoy!! Dustin
  23. With all that foam on it I dont think ya really need a dry hook. Looks pretty seedy to me, and for a first thats a good thing :whistle: Dustin
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