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  1. fly time

    Yo Alex dude

    AAAHHHHHHH Love is in the air!!! Dustin
  2. fly time

    I'm a Dead Man

    LOL, I was thinkin the whole time I read this story..." Man this fella has a really small wife" :dunno: Dustin
  3. Ill send em some buggers, just gimmie your addy, and let me know when ya need em. Dustin
  4. Oh its not done yet Alex!! but I just basically bent the hook to shape, and started wrapping the under body with yarn, used a porkypine quill for the beak, and the head is a pompon, and from the head I started at the beak with peacock and tied em off at the neck. Fron there I ran them all down the back and tied em off at the tail, tied in the wings, and the belly is small withe hackel feathers, with marabou over them. Now Im stuck at the tail and eyes. Dustin
  5. Nik, you can buy this stuff called bug skin, or cut a latex glove into strips and try that, I use latex on my realistic stonefly nymphs. Dustin
  6. fly time

    Hex a boo

    I think its a stupid lookin fly, and wont catch nothin, looks like it was tied by a blind person!!!! :j_k: Great job man, that thing should land a varity of fish!!! :headbang: Dustin
  7. Take a quick look at the rules for the trading floor, and make ya meet the requirements, if so the Admin will review it and put your post up. Dustin
  8. Welcome to FTF, Im sure that some of our other fellow members from Europe can help you out on your question, we have several from Europe here!!!!! Dustin
  9. here is another pic of the hook point.
  10. I have been talking with Alex, since I have been doing a hummingbird as well, and we are having a little friendly competitation, his will probbly turn out better, but here is what I have so far, and its been a true challenge and a lot of fun to tie. I chose a male ruby throated hummingbird, because its what we have around here, and its my grandmothers favorite. I still have some work to do on the tail, belly, and add eyes, and some coloring. here is the underbody
  11. Hell man gimme a trash can and some drum sticks, and a 4 yearold that can lift a guitar, and I can play that and scream incohearntly, no problem!!! That sucks huge donkey balls!!!!! And if you think its better than country, you have never listend to Hank Jr!!!!!!!! Dustin
  12. Welcome to FTF, you can probbly post some great insect pics!! Dustin
  13. Those are lookin better, and the one in the middel, would be a great one for carp. Dustin
  14. Yea, I hate the looks I get goin in the craft secion of wally world, and in craft stores
  15. billy, you crack me up man your flies are not as bad as you make em out to be, the ones you sent me look pretty good Dustin
  16. Welcome to FTF, lotsa great folks and great info here, enjoy!! Dustin
  17. Great lookin fly!!!!!!!! Dustin
  18. Billy, leave it alone, it will get the gills and bass the way it is!!! Dustin
  19. Dude thats flippin unreal, I was just thinking of doing a hummingbird, and givin it to my grandmother, its her favorite bird, and I figured Id be the first to give it a try. Looks like its comin along fairly well :headbang: Dustin
  20. Dude if thats really your first spun hair fly, all I can say is your Bad Ass!!!!!!!! Dustin
  21. When I seen "little people fly", I expected it to look more like Will :dunno: Dustin
  22. Daryn, you gonna dig worms again this year? Dustin
  23. Great news, I wish him a speedy recovery!! Dustin
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