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  1. I have recieved flies from Connor and Grant today, great patterns, and good lookin flies fellas!!! Ill post picts this evening. Dustin
  2. fly time

    Hey Will

    Im sure Wills first girl was not that hot, but Im sure the MINATURE golf part is right on the money Dustin
  3. Although I must say I have never heard of trout fishing with a mouse, I dont see why it wont work, I use them for bass and muskey. I would go with the same body, but use deer hair for the head and a zonker strip for the tail, but I also say try it out first it might slay the fish :dunno: I like the body, but I think what I really dont like about that fly is the head. As I stated before, I admire your work, you are a great tyer!! there is no questions about that, but that mouse just does not look right. Dustin
  4. Thats pretty cool Daryn, I really like that display, indeed a nice adition to the tying room, Im gonna check and see if my PO has anything like that. Dustin
  5. fly time


    I fish for them often with my spinning outfit, I like to use chicken liver in a toe of some pantyhose, and spray it with a lil WD40, it works wonders!!! Dustin
  6. fly time


    This past summer I caught a 30 pound cat on my 6wt that steeldrifter built me, I didnt catch it pn purpose, I was fishin for bass in a farm pond, and he nailed a streamer I was using, it was one helluva 45 minute fight, but I got him!!! Dustin
  7. Daryn, I must say Im always impressed by your tying skills, Ive seen you produce some great work!! but this has to be one of the worst ties I have seen you do, Im not tryin to sound like an ass, but I dont like it much, but if it will catch fish go with it. Dustin
  8. Not bad at all!!! Dustin
  9. Overmywaiders, if you like Grahams work, check out some of his stuff in the realistic forum and photography forum, I never get tired of seeing his work, he is a very talented man!!! Dustin
  10. Very nice work Joni!!! thanks for the step by step!!! Dustin
  11. Your on a roll, more damn productiave lookin flies!!! keep em comin!!! Dustin
  12. Yea, I just seen that myself, I must say though it really dosent come as a suprise to me. Dustin
  13. Im confused, we have a guy that ties just like that on this forum and he takes really nice picts very similar to those, but his seahorse looks waaayyyy better that that one :dunno: Dustin
  14. Great tie Steelie!!!!!!!!!! Dustin
  15. Graham, your BAD ASS!!!!!!!! thats a work of art if I have ever seen one!!!! most excellente work!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Dustin
  16. fly time

    Snowy Long Beards

    Leaky, dont MERK the birds :whistle: Dustin
  17. fly time

    Got the Flu

    Son I know you have lived a sheltered life, that much is obvious, but I know ya know what a stripper is, its that guy that was dressed like a cop that was at your bachelor party they do come in a female gender as well for future reference. Dustin
  18. fly time

    Got the Flu

    Dude I dont think ya got the flu, sounds like you got with a nasty stripper to me :dunno: Mabey momma Ruggels :dunno: Dustin
  19. How long is that fly? Dustin
  20. fly time


    If ya look at the top of the swap page, you will see all the info you need Dustin
  21. Dude thats one bad ass lookin fly, I bet fish of all kinds will tare that thing up!!! NICE!!! :headbang: Dustin
  22. fly time


    Welcome to FTF, glad to have ya here, we have great folks and info here. I live in WV, and I was captian of team Bad Karma, pro paintball team, I played front and mid, used AGD markers, and sponserd by AGD, DYE, Kingman, and a few others. I have not stepped on the field for over a year, and I miss it so much, I sold ALL of my gear last year, only thing I kept was my jerseys. My home field was scary creek paintball, I used to ref there as well and do all the field maintence. Who do ya play for, I may know your team or played you in Ultimate Madness. Dustin.
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