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  1. Try canadianllama.com $4.50/100 beads and very good quality.
  2. Another place on line for 'gill patterns is the warm water fly tyer. His black lace Mcginty is killer. For top water you can find a yellow foam spider on line that is cheap, easy to tie, and very effective. I love to catch them on top but it is my experience that the ones on the surface are usually the smaller ones. Just my $.02 worth.
  3. In the mail. I could not decide between chart or black so I sent a doz of each. I usually start with chart for pan fish and switch to black on days they don't seem to want the chart. I have also caught trout on the black. -Tom
  4. :wallbash: Sorry for the double post. I'm in with a pus bug.
  5. Your deer hair work is beautiful.
  6. I received some great flys in today's mail. Thanks to everyone and to Paul for hosting! I will try some of them this weekend for sure. Tight lines and heavy creels -Tom
  7. WHAT A MESS Paul I owe you and everyone else an apology for being so tardy. This morning I decided to head cement the flys to make them more durable. (I rarely use it on my own) I had 9 of them done when I knocked over the bottle of head cement and ruined all the rest. I am retying them now. I will mail them tomorrow and add the postage for next day delivery. I hope you can wait the extra day. They are bubble wing emer4gers. They really catch fish and float like a cork. tight lines and heavy creels -Tom :down:
  8. I usually get mine from feather-craft. -Tom
  9. I usually use JStockard or Feather-Craft. Today though I called in an order to Chris Helm at Whitetail Fly Tieing. He frequently has that really hard to find item and you can get plenty of advice from an expert tyer. -Tom
  10. It has been way to long since I have been in a swap! So I'm in. Next person swiss straw.
  11. Clay It is one of my go to flys for gills. I always carry some in my panfish box. It has also caught me several nice accidental crappies. I have had no problem with durablity. Old hat I was thinking over the winter of trying it out for trout. I have never used it in cold water. After reading your post I can't wait. tight lines and heavy creels -Tom
  12. Just got mine. Thanks for a great selection of flies every one. Thanks again to Fred for hosting. I can hardly wait for spring ice out! tight lines and heavy creels -Tom
  13. Sorry for being slow. They were mailed today. -Tom
  14. I'm in with Clarence's minnow (modified) -Tom
  15. Fred Flys went out today. I sent two for every one. The ones with the small bead chain eyes is the one I usually tye on first. The ones with the larger eyes really get down deep fast. I'm sorry to be so late but a health thing made it very difficult to tye. Drath that is a great fish, I can hardly wait to tye on one of those crickets. tight lines and heavy creels -Tom
  16. If there is still room I am in with a chart pus bug. It ain't fancy but it really kills our Iowa gills. -Tom
  17. Whoaa Shane slow down. You are confused. Duck hunting is very helpfull for the flytyer. Last year an injury made me miss most of the season. But, before my shoulder surgery I managed to get three drake woodies and one green head. For my tying it was a years supply of duck feathers. Remember feathers are very expensive, especially wood duck feathers. I find the mid October feathers to be a better quality for tying than the early season birds. So I reccomend first shoot it, second eat it, and third tye with it. Sept 1, I will go across the creek to Illinois shoot some doves and add to my soft hackle supply. tight lines and heavy creels -Tom
  18. Fred I think it's OK to compliment a fly. (and thank you for your recent kind words). I will be taking some of the flies from the last swap I was in fishing tomorrow or Thursday. If I have good luck I intend to add it to the thread. I have sent in many flys to many swaps and have never heard if any one ever caught a fish with one. I think hearing that your fly was a success would be a great compliment. It is also nice when some one says something nice about your tying skills. tight lines and heavy creels -Tom
  19. Got the flys today. I hope to be in a swap with all of you again soon. :yahoo: :yahoo: These are a group of great ties. Thanks again for hosting BB. I usually don't fish swap flies but save them as models so I know what they are supposed to look like. I already tied a dozen sharks caddis this after noon. What a slick pattern! I can't wait to try the others. If any one wants to do a cajun tickler they were originally tied by kayakflyfisher and are in the data base. Seadog I don't recognize the material you used for the back on your fly. :dunno: Care to give a hint? It was a great swap! tight lines and heavy creels -Tom
  20. Sherri Three friends and I got 2 wts over the winter. To me the difference between the 2 wt & 3wt just feels bigger than the difference between the 3wt & 4wt. Now we get together for two wt Tuesdays. I have caught crappies, gills, and our little 9" hatchery trout on it. Any one of wich will bend the rod almost double. At first the two wt felt strange, but it did not take very long to get the feel of it. Now it feels just as natural to cast as any of my other rods. One small hint. If you decide on the 2 wt you have very little hook setting power so be sure to sharpen your hooks. tight lines and heavy creels -Tom
  21. I made a post on this a while back. I had the same sort of problem, especially with the list of tyers. It had never worked for me. Finally I tried using internet explorer and it worked just fine. (I use firefox to). Nymph chucker said he had different results so your mileage may vary. At least it should be worth a try. Please let us know your results. tight lines and heavy creels -Tom
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