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  1. The Egg-laying Sulphur video is below the pics. With music: http://youtu.be/cxFHuILIqDU And without music: http://youtu.be/Q8SgNRd6tIc
  2. Beautiful and buggy with a realistic profile. Nice!
  3. Thanks Hans. I learned to split the tails properly by watching your video earlier today.
  4. While reviewing some pics from my last trip to the South Holston, I found some pics I had taken of ovipositing sulphurs. It's tough getting decent proportions, but I gave it a shot. I'll post recipe later.
  5. I can't offer any info on the Nantahala, but there are numerous great creeks and rivers in the area. If you have the opportunity to wander, I would recommend having a list and waypoints entered into your navigation unit. My favorite in the area is the West Fork of the Pigeon. Have fun. It's is a beautiful area.
  6. Very nice video. I never think to tie spinner patterns until I am standing in the middle of a fall without a decent pattern. I will try my hand at this one today.
  7. Great tie. Spider patterns are challenging to say the least. I have been working on one for a year and I am no closer than when I started. :0
  8. Sorry for the poor lighting. I'm working on it...
  9. Scott, It is a LAW Bench vise. Cheers, Hans W Hans, Thanks for the prompt response. I have spent all morning reading about them. I'll have to try one.
  10. Great video Hans. What vise are you using in the video?
  11. This is the most facinating and diverse gastric lavage contents I have seen. From an Appalacian freestone in April of last year.
  12. Thanks for the "welcomes" and comments. Tight Lines, Scott
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