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  1. One of the easiest flies to tie but deadly on the Bluegills and even some Bass. Than I made my take on the Panfish Charlie sorry about the photo I have a camera phone. I know I should of used more white buck tail. But it's the first attempt at this fly
  2. Liquid FusionĀ® Clear Urethane Glue http://www.michaels.com/Liquid-Fusion/gc2109,default,pd.html This is the stuff you guys are talking about?
  3. Going to be tying up some bluegill poppers and I forgot to order some Epoxy what's a good substitute? I was thinking about using my wife's 5 second nail glue but I don't know if it can with stand the aggressive strikes from bluegills and bass. 1st time tying poppers also.
  4. I haven't really started tying dry flies yet, been making spider pattern's and pheasant tail nymphs. I'am wondering if you can use Ultra-fine Chenille on certain dry fly bodies?
  5. I did try it and nothing happends just a white page (Bummer)....
  6. My cousin just gave me perfect wild turkey feathers. I haven't use turkey feathers before, What are there uses? Wing's, Tail's? What are some good pattern's that you need turkey feathers for?
  7. Just tie a few more. Hopefully that I have tied it better with less thread near the cone.
  8. Maybe some how I mis-interpreted but here is the finished fly from my guide book. I might of missed up near the cone but I thought everything is great!
  9. I use the stove top mainly for spinning gear, after a few days ever cleaning the knot out I would to it over the stove top either it's braid, mono or flurocarbon line. I have some razor blades around the house. Thanks all.
  10. thanks for that Video, See in the instruction book it's telling me to have the leather pointing toward you, this is not my fault. I'll tie a few more tonight and post them up here.
  11. What's the best way to safe your hook after you completely messed up on a fly. I try to use the stove top but that wasn't the greatest idea I lost 2 wet fly hook's. They stay gooey, black and point of the hook didn't feel as sharp. It also took a long time standing over the fire burning the material off and the thread really stick's to the hook. It's a ridiculous question but I would like to safe my other 6 hook's
  12. Silvercreek I just followed the instruction's on my tying guide, and that's how it's showing me the way it look's. I thought I did a good job.
  13. Thanks for tips, Practice makes perfect.
  14. My 1st attempt's on a clouser minnow, Rabbit Strip and a foam Bettle. All the photo's are done on a basic Samsung camera, hard to get the detail's on the Bettle. Please tell me how they are, and what needs improving. If you look close enough you can see my thread, I don't cut close enough to the eye of the hook I usually leave a tiny bit of thread on.
  15. All the view's I've read I didn't know that a DvD came along with it, also found out some new information on the Vise thanks (Stippled Popper). I think that I will be getting the Danvise with the extension arm just make sure that I adjust the jaw's when switching hooks. Oh yea, what is the warranty on it?
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