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  1. does anyone make a kit that has all the essentials for tying the deer hair bass bug. When i go to fly tying websites there is so much to choose from and i dont want to get the wrong thing. any help will be appreciated i have to be able to tie a couple of bass flies to justify buying a new rod so the old lady wont kill me lol. thanks Daniel
  2. When i went to plan out my first guided trout trip i asked about a rod for bass and striper. He showed me a Mystic Reaper, and they are well in my price range. I have onlyread great things about this rod. So if you have one let me know if you like it, and i hope this will make a good largemouth rod?? thanks for the help Daniel
  3. Thanks for all of the replies. It's kind of scary going into bps and seeing a rod that's 800 dollars, it makes me wonder how much better they are than my tfo lefty kreh rod. I was making sure that it wasn't 100% my fault why the fly wouldn't turn over all the time. So do I need to find a weight close to my fly and match that with the correct line size?? Thanks for helping out a rookie I really appreciate it I don't need an 800 dollar rod for my skill level at the moment, but I don't want the wal mart 30 dollar special either if that makes any sense. Thanks for all the help Daniel
  4. I'm having problems making good cast with my bass bugs and clouser minnow on my tfo 3 wt. I need to know what brand and what wt y'all would suggest. Thanks Daniel
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