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  1. I moved from western Ma. to just north of Boston area 12 years ago. Best fishing is in western Ma.I travel anywheres from 100 to 160 miles

    one way to do some decent cold water fly fishing. The closest decent area in Ma. is Quaboag River in Palmer on Rte. 67. What

    is also nice is the Willimantec River in Ct, just 15 or 20 miles south of Sturbridge. It has a nice TMA catch and release area right

    at a rest area on Rte. 84!!!! Not far from Stafford Springs, Ct. The best fishing is "out west" in western Ma. at exit 2 of Ma. Pike in Lee Ma.

    Catch and release area in Lee, Ma. on Housatonic River, Housatonic River is blue ribbon in Ct. by Cornwall Bridge. REALLY want

    cold water fishing at it's best do TMA area in CT. off Rte 44 near New Hartford, Ct. Farmington River is very cold tail water. As for Boston

    proper forget it. Take up Red Sox or Patriots games, don't waste your time unless you like salt water stuff.---John

  2. Hello---have to replenish my stock of stonefly nymphs due to uncontrollable

    stream conditions. I have used a turkey wing slip folded, dubbed then folded

    again to make wing cases. Is there a template or pre cut wing cases to make them

    faster and better looking? Possibly a wing burner of some type.---Thanks---John

  3. I thought they were the industry standard for years but as Utyer says their tools and materials are made by someone else.

    You are paying for the name. I just received their antron dubbing, ginger. I have their caddis lifestyle selection

    in antron and the ginger ran out. I got orange, same color orange as in the caddis selection but the bag it came in

    said ginger. It was sent back today. They also don't seem to have the large selection they use too. The main store in Vt.

    looks more like an upscale sports clothing and expensive knick knack shop, not the fly shop I remember from 20 years ago.

    Change is good. Really?---John

  4. Here's the one that got away. I tried this pattern yesterday

    and had a lot of hits and follows. I did have one hook up until

    my knot gave way and I lost the fly and fish. Very bad knot as

    I found out when I brought my leader in with all the little

    curlys that use to be a knot. I used Partridge hook, Swedish Dry Fly

    style #16. I have found my tying has become a lot faster and better

    quality since I purchased a Peak rotary and a Materelli whip finisher.

    I still have a ways to go.---John



  5. I am guessing the height of a tying table would be about 26 t0 29 inches to the top?

    Would love to make my own but I no longer have my house or shop in the cellar. I would

    also consider buying one. I also would love a wood chest to keep my tools and material

    in. My brother is a machinist and has a beautiful wood chest with felt lined drawers for

    his micrometers and verniers. I have seen a lot of fly tying chests which look a lot

    like that.I definitely need something for my new Peak. Here's my current storage box,

    an old Plano tackle box for hooks,tools and material and an old Tupperware bread box

    for my feathers.---John



  6. I was in Pa 2 weekends ago. Was in Allentown when I had to make a U turn, ended up turning into Little

    Lehigh River catch and release area! I had no idea it was there, just shorts and flip flops, on my way

    with the wife to do some touring of Lancaster and Valley Forge. How is that river to fish? I was looking

    at coming back to Pa this fall and trying my luck.Is there more catch and release areas on that river or in

    that area? Thanks---John

  7. I am giving my new Peak rotary a good workout. I also received my

    Griffin whip finisher, Martarreli style, and took a quick You

    Tube course on "how to use". I saw some nice BH caddis pupa but

    didn't have the exact material so I concocted my own, I think.

    It's a Mustad 3906 size 12 with green translucent Larva Lace,

    Orvis Life Cycle brown dubbing, a gold bead and a wrap and a half

    of brown partridge.---John



  8. I just watched a video on You Tube. It was almost full screen so I could see

    it good. It was a Thompson whip finisher, one I could never master, and I just

    made 4 whip finishes, not in Olympic fashion but they worked! Now if I can remember

    tomorrow how I did it maybe I won't need that Martarelli style Griffin whip finisher

    I ordered 3 days ago.---John

  9. Hello----My Simms breathable waders got a bit wet inside. I took

    a tumble on some rock snot and got a bit of water inside. The neoprene

    stocking foot is the worst, how do I dry them? Hang up by suspenders

    in right side up position and let them air dry? It's been warm so

    the area, hallway, they are hanging in is warm and very dry.


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