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  1. Does anyone know any roads leading into the Bob Marshall Wilderness down towards Seeley Lake? I will be there in the middle of June so any additional information on water levels or usual hatches at this time on the South Fork of the Flathead or any small streams/creeks around there would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks everyone, I'm bring my 8wt because why not and a 5/6wt and a 5/6wt complete my dad bought at walmart for 20 bucks because they were selling all of them from 180$ and yes I am 15 so I don't have any cash to go buy a brand new setup for my 8 day trip to montana. My dad setup a guide out of no where for the Missouri river, and Roger lake in glacier for arctic grayling(super excited by the way) so hopefully I can maybe trade my rod for one of his for the day and then switch back as insurance or something. If not I have an old 6wt lamson lp2 with old crappy line and I can probably buy some new line in one of the fly shops. And one last thing any information on fishing in bob marshall wilderness and how to get in there in the first place would be HUGELY appreciated. Thanks
  3. I will be fishing for some Arctic Grayling with a guide in Glacier National Park and the Missouri river and the Bob Marshall wilderness in between. We will of course be stopping at some random creeks and streams along the way.
  4. I live in Florida and mostly fly fish for snook on the beach and the lights. I am going up to Montana in June to fly fish for trout and I was wondering If I will be able to use my 9' 8wt rod with my 6/7/8 wt reel with 8wt floating line or is this going to be too big of a set up? Also I have a 8' 5/6wt rod but I don't know if It will perform with the 8wt line on my reel? Any tips on where to fish in Montana would be appreciated also.
  5. I'm going to Whitefish and Ennis in Montana in the beginning in June and I was wondering if any of you gise have fished around there and where to go?
  6. What are the coolest fly fishing videos and or movies on YouTube, Vimeo, and DVD, etc....?
  7. What do you think about this fly for snook either on the dock lights at night or maybe even the beach?
  8. Just ordered a CCG light and a tube of the thick. thanks everyone
  9. Snook from last night. Too bad that fly took like 40 minutes to tie with epoxy.
  10. Does anyone know what the best type of CCG is they all look almost the same? I'm tying saltwater streamers and some Krystal Flash Shrimps.
  11. Do you think this is good for snook on the lights?
  12. Do you think this good for snook on the lights?
  13. Is the investment of buying Clear Cure Goo worth it?
  14. Anyone have any good saltwater glass minnow patterns?
  15. Anyone have any good glass minnow patterns?
  16. Would something like this be good: http://www.oleflorida.com/SPD/tying-supplies-feathers-strung-rooster-saddle-white-strung-rooster-saddle-white--A400000-1112909336.jsp
  17. What are the best hackles for streamer saltwater/warmwater patterns? Where should i buy from? What companies? Saddle or neck? Rooster or hen? HELP!!
  18. What type of hackles are best for streamer saltwater patterns? What company? Where to buy? Neck, saddle? Help!
  19. Whiting hackle is excellent, but IMO is not always the best choice for tying some types of big flies. I picked up a black Whiting saddle a couple of weeks ago from an Ebay seller for $30, which is a great price. I'll use some of the hackle for tying eel patterns & for palmering Woolly Buggers, but would not use it on Deceivers. I'm not impressed with the Whiting Deceiver packs, because IMO there are not enough feathers of similar size for the tying I do. If they're used for tying a few flies of different sizes, then they're fine. The grizzly colors are fine too for adding to other hackle where you want that barred effect. For the same price, I can get more Strung hackle & subsequently tie more flies. But, that's just me, they may be more suitable for how others like to tie. If you look around, strung neck & saddle hackle can be purchased for $3.50 to $4 per 1/4 oz pack. It's domestic hackle, and is more than likely of the barn yard variety, but that works well for Deceivers & other big flies. I've bought it in bulk several times by the half pound. I raised my own chickens for several years when I tied commercially, just to have a good supply of the wide, webby neck hackle. Back then I primarily tied saltwater & warmwater flies, and tied a lot of Keys style Tarpon flies. I had both Barred Rocks (grizzly) and White Rocks, which are both large birds. I had hens too, as hen hackle has it's uses, and they lay a lot of eggs. IMO, the best hackle for tying warmwater & saltwater flies is often of the barn yard variety, unless you're tying Flat Wings or Flats types flies where you need thin hackles. I used to buy a lot of Indian capes too, especially those with red variant or Cree coloration. They're ideal for tying many patterns where you want to add side cheeks, and particularly for shrimp or crab patterns. Where should i buy the strung hackle? Saddle or neck? What would be best for medium sized streamers, saddle or neck?
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