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  1. Could someone reveal to me what breeds of chickens I have to crossbreed to have my owns genetics chickens? I like these animals and I have so much space I want to do this just for fun.
  2. Another great fly!! I`ll try some of these
  3. Não Andre, Eu na verdade só conheço o Thiago porque comprei algumas coisas dele, mas ele não é meu parente.
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Leslie and I'm from Apucarana, PR I'm 15 year old and I have tyed since I was 13. My favorite species are Peacock Bass, Black Bass, Trout and Matrinchã. I fish since I was born. XD But I'm farly beginner in fly fishing and tying. My inpirations are Davie McPhail, Hans Weilenmann and Betinho Oliveira. Mainly for the Brazilian guys, whatch our Master Fly Tyer: Betinho at http://www.fishtv.com/site/home/index.php
  5. There are another good sites: http://www.troutnut.com/ http://www.flyfishersrepublic.com/
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