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  1. Hello, I’m starting to experiment with different hooks for different subsurface patterns. My question is that since proportions (which can be up to oneself anyway of course) are largely based on the hook, should it vary based on the changes of hook selection. I.E. if I’m using a size 12 short shank hook in theory it should have the length of a 14 while everything else remains the same. So if you base a tail length on that would you do it the length of a size 12 or 14? I realize it might be more relevant issue for a dry fly as you are concerned with how it will lie. I’m thinking if I’m trying to imitate a size 12 nymph, I should use a size 12 proportion even if hook length changes. Of course you could say use a size 10 short shank, but then you might have heavier wire and a different gape. I go round and round in my head, and have just been doing what looks good to me, but am wondering what is “correct”. Thanks, Craig
  2. Hello, I've been unable to find the clear domestically, and shipping from overseas is expensive. I found a vinyl sign place that had this sheets, and got some fluorescent colors that work well as far as the fiber optic effect, but the clear I got is just grey on the edge. I realize flourescents are brighter, but my "clear" is dark gray on the edge. I was hoping someone had tried the real stuff in clear, to find out if it does maintain some "edge glow" effect. If so then I guess i'll have to put up with importing it. Thanks! Craig
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