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  1. the best vest i have is the airflo fly fishing vest get it on ebay
  2. rocklife


    i find that the flourocarbon wear harded then my mono.
  3. You know when you are tying to much' if your wife comes home in a fur coat and then ask you what do you think and you say "i never use all that"
  4. thank you all for the friendly words i keep at it till the end best thing i ever did was put a fly rod in my hand ,just have to put fish on the end
  5. ok ,i hate to say this but, my flies are not working im fly fishing two year and tying one year ,yes not long but!!!!!! not a bit on my flies can anyone give some helpful advice for brown trout in rivers and rainbow trout in lake or is this a game of luck ????
  6. rocklife

    life on mars

    if we found life on mars , what kind of flies could we make from them
  7. rocklife


    stay safe people ,we thinking of you in ireland
  8. hello people who live on land but love to walk in water I'm looking for a good patterm for a oak fly what is getting me is what material to use thank you all
  9. hello people of the land who love to walk in water can any one tell me how can i make a vice stand in wood eamon from ireland ,co. wicklow
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