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  1. 13 sounds good, ill get to tying when i can get to the fly shop
  2. i believe ill join the fun so im in foam hopper if you dont mind?
  3. backstroker

    Still Alive

    Hope everythings goin well, and hope you can get out on the water soon Backstroker
  4. wow why the heck would someone do that kinda s*** i just dont get it i hope all your gear and car is recovered tho
  5. Dear Troutbum, WISCONSIN SUCKS!!!! lol im in wisconsin, and couldnt hate them more. GO BLUE BABY!!! P.S. I think they beat wisco???
  6. Excellent flies man, keep em comin! :headbang:
  7. Hail to the victors, Michigan will win!!!
  8. what is the "buckskin" and where can i get some
  9. Have a merry Christmas FTF
  10. backstroker

    im back

    ouch 0-9... that hasta bite do u play?
  11. HEy man thanks for defending us back here God's speed
  12. backstroker

    im back

    yea and r u still paintballin?
  13. backstroker

    im back

    well as a freshman starting on jv, very good 9-0 undefeated confrence CHAMPS! total combined score was 323 to 31 so were pretty good and im goin 2 a highschool combine over christmas break so im hopin things are good there
  14. backstroker

    im back

    Wow im finally back to the forum, after a quite busy start to highschool and football season, there hasnt been any time for tying. but with christmas break comin, i plan on tying like a mad man :yahoo:
  15. backstroker

    Out of here

    Ashby, its people like you that keeps our country safe you will be in my prayers, God bless you, and thank you again for keepin us free :headbang:
  16. i got a couple ants done, will prolly finish those 2morrow and teh scuds by sunday
  17. I recieved my flies too!!! amazing ties everyone, cant wait to fish these! Thanks Threader fot hosting!!! :headbang: :headbang:
  18. I found a spyder Fenix ACS on ebay for 156 with 15 shipping. From what ive seen, thats a good deal. THe fenix at my local sportsmans warehouse is 280.... so im thinking im getting this one!!!! :headbang:
  19. :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: wow thats f*#[email protected]# nuts!!!
  20. will, come to wisconsin! great trout fishin, and i cant wait 4 these flies!!!
  21. do the spyder fenix with the acs still chop? ive read that they are pretty good..
  22. lol how do u really feel??? i need something under 200, i love ebay, what kinda cocker would u suggest?
  23. alright ive pretty much decided on a Spyder Fenix ACS, good sloid gun taht goes 20 bps im likin this gun :headbang:
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