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  1. I've been on several bungee slingshots (the "professional" ones where I'm strapped in a chair/cage). Kissimmee Oldtown Near Disney has a 300 foot swing. I've been on that four times. Honestly, what they're doing looks like fun!
  2. I've looked, and so far, very little of what I've found is for this engine. Mostly, I'm finding stuff for the models that have the fuel tank behind and the handle on the opposite side. Mine has the fuel tank in the front with the handle mounted to it. First time I saw that one, it was going for $15,000.00, so he's dropped the price.
  3. Check the water temps with a fly rod. If you catch sunfish species, it doesn't stay cold enough for trout. If you catch trout, it stays cold enough. Easy Peasy!
  4. So, I was given an outboard engine. Which turns out to be a circa 1930/1935 Evinrude Elto. Very few pictures of this particular engine exist online, at least in my searches. I started with the easy parts, the lower end. Water pump. and gear case. Found out why the engine wouldn't turn over. The cylinder is rusted, bad. The piston couldn't be moved, so I had to chisel it out in pieces. The fuel tank with built in carburetor and reed valve assembly came apart relatively easily. But, I haven't been able to get the main jet fuel tube out. I'm going to see if I can rigid hone the cylinder and get a piston that will fit. If I can, I might be able to make a runner out of it. Otherwise, I'll just polish it up as a piece of antique art.
  5. I'm wishing you all a survivable New Year. Hopefully, the United States of America will still exist come 2025. I'm truly not sure it will.
  6. Feels like it's freezing here. Down in the 50s in the morning. Only getting up into the 70s during the day.
  7. Noooo. Film. 8MM I believe. My brother was going to get all the films transferred onto DVDs, but I haven't spoken to him in over 10 years, so I don't know if he ever did.
  8. I suppose that's one of the issues being me. I know we had some traditions. Watching those movies was likely one of them. However, my memory of my early life is mostly non-existent. Dad used to record celebrations on film, so I know they happened. I know we had birthday parties for all 6 kids every year ... but I don't remember the actual events of ANY of them. I know we had big Christmas morning gift openings with the whole family, but again, I don't actually remember any of them. So, movies etc. can't bring back memories that I don't have.
  9. Parents once told me, If you can't say something nice, don't say anything. So, I'll just say I watched Christmas movies when I was younger. I seem to remember I might have enjoyed some of them. Since I'm not religious, and I don't have kids to do the Santa thing with or for, Christmas (capitalized for those who feel the religious fervor) is just another vacation from work. I don't watch any of the movies for this time of year.
  10. I'm planning on doing yard work and cleaning my den and my workshop. Of course, I might end up just sitting in my recliner, playing games online and sleeping. Got the week 'tween Christmas and New Years off, so rest and relaxation is on the menu.
  11. That Zero going into the water is excellently rendered. Very nicely done !!!
  12. On an even better note ... now you'll never have to take your kids fishing with you again. 👍
  13. I'd run out of pencils and paper before that list was finished !!!
  14. Is the space behind the false wall big enough to hide a body?
  15. mikechell

    When ?

    64 years old and I've been fishing since I was 6. It's always been "fishing" and "fishermen". I didn't know it was called "angling" and "anglers" until I was in my 20s and in the military. Since the bible has references to "fishers of men", I will assume that fishing and fishermen might have preceded the other. There's always been the desire to make everything seem more important or more prestigious than it actually is by calling it fancy names. Seems to me people did the same with fishing and fishermen.
  16. As much as you don't want to ... I think you should definitely read the directions.
  17. Just checked my wallet. I can't afford the shipping so, I'm not buying it.
  18. Welcome to the site, Doug.
  19. Congrats on the weight loss and the improvements to your health! Keep it going and pretty soon we'll be calling you "Benjamin Button".
  20. Might be expensive, but I don't consider it "robbery". There's a lot of training and experience in a good technician, no matter the trade. A badly disassembled/reassembled microwave can actually kill some people. The liability insurance a licensed business isn't cheap, either. My feelings on the issue ... if it's beyond my capabilities, then it's worth paying a good company to do the job.
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