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  1. bobbers two names for the same function.
  2. I tried to send you a PM, Bob. I got the warning that you can't receive messages. So, here's the message. Hey Capt. My wife really wants to see a crocodile. You've posted several pictures of the croc at the boat ramp and I have two questions. 1. Is the crocodile always there? And 2. What ramp is that, so I can take Jennie there? She doesn't do well for long periods sitting in a car, so we don't want to drive all day only to NOT see a croc. Thank you in advance for your answers.
  3. That photographer missed the whole points!
  4. I love the camo work on that. No one will ever know you're carrying it ... as long as you're in a jewelry store. On the other hand, if you ever decide to rob a jewelry store, they won't believe you when you say, "Everybody down! I have a gun!" Too pretty to be a weapon.
  5. Thank you. Wife and I already have our cremation and burial arrangements set and paid for. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, refuses to discuss funeral arrangements. She's not preparing, which means Wife is going to have to do all of that while mourning the loss. You're preparing. I truly hope it's not necessary. You'll still be here, moaning and complaining, 10 years from now.
  6. Wife and I have been to all 50 States and I've been to 18 Countries. I've fished in most of those places (not all, some were just travel) The one place that will always be in my mind is Sheldon Lake ... east of Houston. I caught 40 bass on a Saturday and another 30 on a Sunday. Most of them were over 3 pounds with a few close to 8. Best weekend I've ever had on the water. Every time I've hit that lake, I've been able to catch enough good sized bass to give me a sore thumb from lipping. As with statements above, I don't travel to fish ... but I do fish on my travels. It's all about the fishing, and I don't remember ever being disappointed by the water I've been on. I might not have caught anything, but it's always worth going out and trying. Oh ... I was disappointed while in Monrovia, Liberia. So much trash in the ocean there that you couldn't see anything else. Floating trash when the wind blew it in, trash all over the bottom when the wind was blowing out. Definitely NOT a bucket list destination for anyone.
  7. 1. When I walked in for the first time, the smell of bug spray was so strong, I was a little worried I might end up with nerve damage. 2. Even with the bug spray smell, I did see and kill one roach in my room. Fortunately, over the three weeks, only the one. I did see a couple in the breakfast area on two separate occasions. If Wife had been with me, we couldn't have stayed there after that. 3. I had to start the water running from the bath faucet about 4 to 5 minutes before I wanted to shower. It took that long for hot water to get there. The water would start to warm up after a minute or so. I could've taken a shower in the warm water except the pressure was too low. Had to wait until the water was hot enough to require cold water to even it. Then, and only then, would there be enough pressure to operate the diverter. 4. I needed to print some forms for class. The printer wouldn't work. 5. I needed quarters for the laundry ... the desk didn't have any. Had to go to the hotel next door to get quarters. 6. For my final load before coming home, I needed laundry detergent. The machine wasn't working. Front desk said it hadn't worked for a few months. Next door hotel didn't have any either. I had to drive to a laundromat to get a single use box of detergent. 7. I, generally use stair instead of elevators where I can ... healthier by a little bit. There was a steel kick panel on one of the stairwell doors that was only held on by two screws at one end. When I opened the door, it would swing out, becoming a trip hazard. Additionally, had someone tripped and fell on it, I've no doubt it would've cause some bodily damage. I mentioned it to the front desk a couple of times. They finally put up a hand written note, "Be careful using this door". There were a few other things ... just more "ugh" factors. Why didn't I move to a different hotel? The travel agency my company uses pays the entire hotel bill upon check in. Leaving forfeits the remainder and ... of course ... my company frowns on that. Travelling instructor's comfort is not their priority. It's in the past now ... fortunately for them, I'm not an arsonist.
  8. Whether you have poo poury or smell-pretty candles or nothing but weapons and fishing gear ... If it's where you'd rather be than, say, anywhere else ... it's YOUR man cave. On the other hand, if it doesn't have rough sawn wood panel walls, it might not qualify as a man cave.
  9. Okay ... back home for a couple of weeks. Internet seems to be working fine here. If you ever find yourself travelling to Yorktown/Newport News VA. do NOT stay at the Comfort Inn on Warwick.
  10. From Saturday, same body of water as above.
  11. Honestly, I don't remember if I posted this. It's from month ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNWfK0pF8uQ
  12. Just a quick note while the internet is working. It usually isn't. I don't know if it's my laptop or the hotel. I'm able to get on for a few minutes, once in a wh
  13. That's directly from the "Hold my beer" and/or "Hey y'all, watch this" files. I just hope they don't move and live on my street.
  14. Geezo Peezo !!! I have trouble getting online for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose !!! Nick, please take care of yourself. I sure hope you get and stay better. I hate to hear that you're coverage doesn't help with the cost of meds ... as you said, that can get expensive. Good luck with a quick and long lasting recovery.
  15. Thanks guys. I enjoyed making those. I haven't been online in two days. Either my laptop is going bad (highly likely) or the hotel's wifi is. Since my work laptop doesn't seem to be having the same problem ... I foresee a new laptop I don't really wanna buy in my near future.
  16. As Capt. Bob said, it's what the locals call their city. Jacksonville is too long a word for today's people, so they just call it "Jax".
  17. Thank you. Just 3/4" aluminum channel. The wood is doweled an glued at the 45° then shaped for the rounded edges and to fit in the channel snug. The channel is cleaned and polished then screwed into the walls. The shelves then just slide into place.
  18. LOL Niveker. They commissioned an "artist". Actually, I don't know if they actually built it or not. Since I don't live there and haven't been there in more than 15 years, I haven't seen it myself. (if it exists) The picture I posted, it seems now, is the artist's vision and what the owners of "The Riverfront" used for it's promotion of the concept.
  19. That is a "sculpture". 18 million bucks. It says "Jax" !!! But it's been "Lerp" to just about everyone since it went up. It's huge ... you can see the people walking at the base of it.
  20. Well, I'm flying, not driving. Back to Yorktown VA.
  21. Half of the past 40 weeks were spent on the road. Due to that, I wasn't able to get a whole lot done. I did start a few projects but didn't get to finish any ... until now. Over the past three weeks, I got a cabinet built for one of the restrooms. And some shelves for the vanity area of that same area. Our house renovation is just about done. Another three weeks on the road and then I'm done with the travelling ... possibly forever.
  22. I think Utyer makes trips in his kayak up to "Lerp" ... maybe MY best friend bought that ticket !!! 18 million dollar sculpture is supposed to say "Jax". Everyone says it look like "Lerp". Maybe the winner will pay for a better sculpture.
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