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  1. Yesterday was a disappointing trip. I hooked a large bass, who then spit the lure back at me. I hooked 4 fish at the bases of some Cypress trees, lost every one to line breaks. Also lost a few more to the weeds, when they hit my lure being dragged across surface cover. I'm blaming my old line for most of the lost fish. Today, with new line on ... I finally boated one of those fish.
  2. Well, "clipchamp" is a waste of time. I put together a video of several small sunfish caught at Newport News Park. When I hit the "export" button, it started saving the video like "Max Headroom" on a bad day. I've never seen video stutter like that. So, no video on my YouTube.
  3. 😃Funny, when stated that way. 🤔Not so funny for anyone who's yard is flowing past you.
  4. Florida. Between the hurricanes and the lightning storms, we usually lose power several times a year for a few hours at a time. But the reason for the whole house system is the hurricanes. We've been without power in excess of 5 days at least once a summer. Wife's issues are such that she cannot be in summer heat for more than a few minutes. When they were working on our A/C system a couple of years back, she had to sit in the car for hours just so she wouldn't overheat.
  5. My sincerest condolences. They aren't pets, they're family, pure and simple.
  6. She wins. "The Reel" is excellent.
  7. We've got an 11,000 watt, whole house back up. Hooked into the house with an automatic system. If the main power goes out, it disconnects the power from the "grid" and starts running the house. Takes about 5 seconds before power is back on for us. When power comes back on, it just reverses the operation except we're connected to the grid before the generator turns off, so no interruption. That generator powers the A/C, lights, TV two 'fridges and a freezer. Whole house ... no problem. It's come on many times over the years. Wouldn't be without one, now.
  8. Makes me nauseous just thinking about it.
  9. My official retirement date is still 3 years off. I am SOOOO looking forward to being free from the work side of my life. However, I have ALWAYS been able to separate my work and home lives. The only thing I don't do often enough because of work is "work out". I know I'm more out of shape than I'd like to be. Not bad, just not as good as I'd like. I'm looking forward to being able to spend some time everyday stretching and walk/running. Other than that, I have many hobbies that occupy my home hours. Those hobbies will keep me pleasantly busy for as many years as I am alive and able to do them. I can understand your question, DWSmith. I don't, however, think I'll have such a transition when I do finally retire. I'm pretty much R.O.A.D. as it is.
  10. We can only hope that the online video craze weeds out some more people who shouldn't be breeding.
  11. Good luck up there this summer. Hurricanes are one thing. Wide spread and catastrophic damage. BUT! We have notice ... time to prepare. Tornadoes are a completely different threat. Local damage that is complete and devastating with little time to duck. As far as rain, our ground is still saturated from last year's Hurricane Ian. We're getting 0.5 to 1 inch of rain (normal daily rain) and it's filling up the front yard and ditches. Fortunately, at this time, the water's daring through the sand within a quick day or so. If we get another slow moving tropical storm or hurricane, it'll be another summer of mushy yards and flooded streets.
  12. Proof! Wild Gnomes look just like domestic Garden Gnomes !!!
  13. Quadruple bypass 4 years ago. Up and walking around in the hospital less than 4 days after the surgery. Do everything they tell you and you'll be fine. Good luck, and remember, fishing would be considered light cardio, unless you're running after fish swimming downstream.
  14. I fish with all types of gear, like many of you. My first reels were spinning reels. Cast right and retain the rod in the right hand, use the left hand to operate the reel. I can skip a lure 20 to 30 feet under a dock with a spinning rig. Then I learned fly fishing. Cast and hold the rod in the right hand. As stated by others, I rarely put a fish on the reel, but all my reels are left hand retrieve. So, spinning and fly, reel with the left hand, control the rod with my right. I can cast my fly rods with my left ... pretty good with it, too. But I cannot get the hang of controlling the line with my right. I have to switch back to work the fly, set the hook and bring the fish in. When I moved south of Indiana, I started chasing larger fish with larger lures and took up the baitcaster. For some reason, it didn't work the way the other systems did. I still cast with my right, but then I switch the rod to my left and control the reel with my right. I think the reason that felt natural is that I've always palmed the reel. Cast with the handle, then grab the reel in my left hand and control the rod from there. I also use the reel a lot more to work the lure. I can skip a lure about 10 feet or so with a baitcaster.
  15. As a "true fisherman" I can usually answer, yes, and recount how many!
  16. Holy Moly !!! That is some great fishing !!! I sure hope you keep hitting the right spots. Your arms and shoulders will be sore after three weeks!
  17. I touched down in Phoenix this morning. It got to 104 today. I might try to do a little fishing, but $20.00 a day for a non-resident license + 100 degrees or more = yeah, I probably won't. Going back to Florida on Friday for a nice long month at home!
  18. DIBS !!! I call DIBS if you decide you don't like it !!!
  19. Stunning! Excellent work and beautiful trees.
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