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  1. Another of my favorite pieces. This one is "Adagio for Tron" from "Tron: Legacy". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFIXKXYfEy0&list=PL7F37BB1A67E0238D&index=11
  2. mikechell

    Grass carp

    Up north it the Mulberry Trees that would draw the carp in. That or the white blooms falling off the Catalpa Trees. I've never seen those Ficus trees around Central Florida, denduke. Are they too "tropical" to be this far north?
  3. I learned how to use a Thompson style, just to see if I could. I learned how to whip finish by hand for the same reason. I use the cheapo depot Matarelli style because I like it.
  4. Very interesting grip and butt. I like that!
  5. No blue ... cork handle doesn't have enough dark to it. But, as usual, the craftmanship is excellent.
  6. Well, I hit the runway at Sacramento Airport at 12:20 today. Now it's a little after 6. Actual temperature outside is 65°F. But Californians "identify" it as 90°F so they can complain about climate change.
  7. That green is particularly nice.
  8. I like bright! It's not blue, but it's nice.
  9. LOL ... heaven forbid your popper's "suit" should clash! Welcome to the site, Marsha.
  10. Yep. I actually work for Marine Mechanics Institute. We've done all of American Honda Marine's training for over 2 decades. The Dealer season runs from Nov. through March/April. Then it's the government courses through the Summer.
  11. Ugh. I'm supposed to be done with the travelling. But here I go again. I leave Sunday for three weeks south of Stockton, CA. Usually, I can fish when I go there, but it's been cold and the flooding they had earlier this year is still affecting the waterways. Might be the worst three weeks away from home ever.
  12. First thing I would say is ... sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Sit like that for as long as you think you'll be fishing. If you can't hold that position for the duration, you don't want a kayak. On the other hand, a plastic canoe like Utyer's, or like the "Coleman" I've got, is almost as light and is easier to move around in, to change positions.
  13. The Painted Bunting was my wife's "unicorn". We started seeing them a few years ago as they pass through. We also just starting getting Chipping Sparrows stopping by, too. When they're here in numbers, the ground looks alive with motion. We get Palm Warblers and Yellow Rumped Warblers but we haven't had Pine Warblers. Wife saw a Black and White Warbler, too.
  14. The Painted Bunting is here! Passing through on his migration. Haven't see a mate, yet.
  15. We had Spring a few days ago. Now it's Summer here. Beautiful and hot, just how I like it !!!
  16. mikechell

    12 years

    👍 Whooooo Hooooooo!!!! Happy Anniversary !!!!
  17. Many of us here have or know people who've had back surgeries. One of the consequences of getting old. The most common thing I've heard from those I know, is the ones who've recovered the best stuck to an exercise regime. As Poopdeck said above, keeping active and using those legs will get you back up on them and keep you up on them. Good luck. Good to hear you're not in pain!
  18. If you run into a guy named Steve Mercado at a marina, say "hi" for me. He leaves on Friday to go work on the Arizona side of the lake. Good luck catching some trophy sized Red Ears!
  19. You're welcome. Also, I extend the thank you back and to everyone else.
  20. About 9:30 Saturday morning, I "tested" my cell phone ring tone, so it sounded like I was getting a call. "Talked" to my boss (so Wife could hear) for a few minutes, talking about "Is he okay?" and "Yeah, I'm sure I can get a flight tomorrow." "I'll see if I can get into see him when I land there." My wife was looking more serious and concerned ... and angry ... each second. When I "hung up", I told her that Scott (the guy teaching a class in California) had been in an accident and broken both legs. I had to fly out and cover his class. Just as she was heating up to rant about me needing to fly out and not being home, I couldn't keep a straight face anymore. If she'd had a weapon, I might not have made it out alive !!!
  21. I was wondering if anyone would do an April fools joke. Figured it'd be YOU, Steve !!! 😄 I hope.
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