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  1. Okay birds ... that picture is okay.
  2. Can't put my finger on it, but I like this one.
  3. I only ran it an hour or so. I figure a butterfly can start a hurricane, an hour with a shop fan should be able to warm the entire Northern U.S. You should start feeling it in a week or so.
  4. Thank you Sandan. I'll put my shop fan out and point it north. A day or two blowing in that direction should start the butterfly effect and Spring for the North should be along shortly. Remember to thank me when it starts getting warmer !!! I doubt it will be in time for your show, Squeezy.
  5. Or on any trout less than 3 pounds or so I'd bet ... but I do catch bass in the 5 to 9 pound range once in a while. It's not the size of the fish that's in my question, though. I watch these videos where someone is playing a fish to death on 2# or 4# tippets. A metal hook isn't weaker than a light tippet, right? If you're using 6#, 8# or 10# test tippet, then the strength of the hook might come into issue. I do understand the comments above for those who smash barbs or go for bent back profiles etc. My questions are not intended to insult anyone ... just curious as to what would actually bend or break a hook? And is the hook weaker than the mono lines we use for leaders and tippets?
  6. Been in Ohio for the past three weeks. I'm flying home in the morning, to warm sunny Florida and I don't plan on returning North any time soon !!!
  7. I buy the $4 a box (50 or 100 hooks) aberdeens from Walmart, so I don't think they come much cheaper than that. All my rods have 10# tippet mono, and I've rarely bent open a hook. Are you guys really able to bend open a hook fighting a fish on your2# and 4# tippets?
  8. You're welcome. I don't listen to much from them, as I am not into "lyrics." I like the instrumental work like this one. I heard this one on "Black List". It played when a "lead character" was shot. (I'm trying to not spoil it for anyone who might be watching episodes for the first time.
  9. I may have posted this before. This is the kind of music I listen to most of the time.
  10. Hoping to get some fishing in when I'm home this time. Tied a few more for attrition while in the hotel room.
  11. You hardly use the heater. Would you've even noticed if the power went out? Just kidding. Glad to read you made it through the storm okay.
  12. Okay, let me preface this with, I am not a "Saturday Night Live" fan. I'm not "against" it, I just don't watch it. BUT ... In a YouTube rabbit hole, I came across this compilation of "Weekend Update" skits where the two write jokes for the other. They explain this in the beginning. If you're offended easily, you might not want to watch. Just remember, each one is reading a joke the other wrote for them. VERY funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IotincS7WBk
  13. I've been to Anchorage twice in the middle of December. There for a week each time ... and clouds all the time. So, two winter trips and I still haven't seen the Aurora. It's on my bucket list.
  14. Now .... there's a mental image I'm going to need therapy to remove.
  15. All the pictures I saw in that article are a fly just hanging in water. (I didn't go through the whole thing, as I don't tie those kinds of flies.) We all know that the flies react/ride/run differently when moving through the water. On the other hand, if the fish are hitting one style more than another ... there's something they like better. If a jig hook gives that edge, who really cares if it does exactly what we think it should?
  16. This kind of thing is so rare ... I am almost sick to my stomach that I missed it.
  17. mikechell

    Snow! WOW!

    I'm okay with that kind of weather except for one ... little ... itty bitty ... complaint ... Nope. I just can't ... no, nope, NO ... Everything !!! Everything is wrong with that kind of weather !!! It's just not right !!!
  18. If you look closely, in the back window of the running-with-the-heater-turned-on white van, you can see me sleeping.
  19. Yep ... I've been hyped up all day waiting to see the two planets. Told all kinds of people to be sure to look for them. Cloud cover all evening ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  20. The two planets, Jupiter and Venus will be almost touching tomorrow night (conjunction). A very rare sight. If you're interested, don't miss it!
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