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  1. It was in the 60's here in southern Ohio last Wednesday. Got to 73 on Thursday ... then a high of 37 on Friday. No precipitation to speak of, though.
  2. I've got one of these. My Dad brought it home from WW II. This is a picture from the net, as I am not home at the moment. I don't know what it's worth, but for me, it's priceless.
  3. I'm fairly certain that's the logo repetitively displayed on this space craft. I got this picture on one of my journeys through the Antares Nebula.
  4. Last ones I got were from Dollar Tree.
  5. I can't speak for Nick ... but I know, for certain, I do NOT miss that. I don't even like the view from your window through my computer screen. I feel a chill wind blow down the back of my neck just seeing that.
  6. I really like the cork on that handle.
  7. 🤣 I like that idea !!! Pass off your problems to the kids !!! Perfect !!!
  8. If you can see the cut that's holding the thread, carefully make an opposite angle cut. End with a "V" that doesn't hold onto the thread.
  9. That's cheating! Yep ... woulda been mine !!!
  10. It was 16°F when I got there Friday evening. Just suffice it to say, it's how I picture Dante's 9th level of hell. But, the weekend was a relief. Kept warm while watching movies on that huge TV in the theater room. Steve is a gracious host. Even gave me a couple of "printings". A talon from a velociraptor! Put my glasses in there for scale. And an "Inception" top. I think this is Steve's new favorite film? Maybe? I started it spinning when I got to the hotel around 1:00 PM. It's still spinning. I'll have to watch the movie again to see what that means !!!
  11. I love that creek. If I lived closer, I'd be on it several times a year. The water is perfectly stained to develop some really brightly colored sunfish. It does look low, but I'll bet there are some nice fish in every deeper pool.
  12. I like the cups and the Lichtenburg burns. Looks like you glued the liners into the cups. I think that might come back to haunt you. Cleaning them might be a bit of a chore without getting water into the wood at the seam. Good luck ... and I really like how they look!
  13. I can't decide it I like those colors together or not. It ... clashes ... no? Like a golfer wearing green pants, a different green shirt and yellow belt and shoes. <I can hear the golfers out there saying, "Yeah, and what's wrong with that?"
  14. Hey Mark !!! Been a busy week for me, with the class running a little late trying to get guys through the worksheets. Then braving the freezing temperatures to get a bite to eat. Ohio might not be Alaska, as it's rarely been below 30°F ... but to my thin blood ... it's still TOOOOOOO cold. I do envy you the crabs and fish ... but not the weather you have to be in to get them. Not wishing I lived there ... secretly or overtly! You are welcome to it, my friend.
  15. If you want critique, allow me. This used to be the standard negative sentence around here. Those are ugly and should be tossed. Send them to me for immediate disposal !!! I'll PM you my address so you can get those toxic examples off your desk ASAP !!!
  16. Headed back to Ohio tomorrow morning. I'm hoping this is the warmest February on record !!!
  17. I have 4 of Steeldrifter's rods. They're all fly rods, but I wouldn't hesitate to order another type of rod from http://www.midwestcustomflyrods.com/.
  18. I love it the way it is! BUT The iridescent green would look great as the only wrap. With a black handle and green wrap, it would be close to a perfect combination.
  19. Yep. Another 5 or 8 of those displays and you'll be set!
  20. Nice contrast. Neat looking grip.
  21. So does everyone else. You don't trim the tips off, you trim the follicle end off to make the hair shorter. You leave the naturally tapering end intact.
  22. My vise sits about even with my solar plexus. (For those that don't know, it's that little depression a the bottom of your breastbone.) I sit a little back from the table, so when I am tying, my forearms are close to parallel with the floor. I'm looking down at my fly with my eyes, but with my bifocals on, my head is up and my face is straight forward.
  23. I didn't do the timer, as it's inaccurate as far as registering hookset time. You don't have to set the hook as the fish is hitting. You just have to set the hook before it spits the lure back out. The example: the Frog Fish can strike as fast as 6 milliseconds. But in all videos I've seen of those and similar fish striking, they hold onto the mouthful for a very long time. Even false hits, like floating debris or a lure is held for several seconds. Some fish reject a mouthful quicker than others, but all fish require a second or to. They must feel and taste it to reject it.
  24. Okay ... it's not for electric shavers ... but it ain't for teeth, either. I found these advertised for cleaning sewing machines.
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