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  1. Brown trout aren't skimpy little rainbows ( no offense. its actually my favorite fish). I like chucking big streamers. Whatever bait fish are in the area can be immitated by probably different color combos of decivers and clousers will work. wolley buggers are always good but there are better flies. I sometimes catch themon big hoppers or drakes. What ever the 3 biggest insects in your area are the brown will feed on them. For rainbows in lakes, I have to admit, I hate using wolley buggers but its probably the best. Midges hatch on lakes very well, but I would stick to streamers.
  2. Ok Thanks. The First time I was there I was using a 5X... Ouch. Last Time I was using a 6X. Im assuming a 7X would be better...
  3. Im looking for a website that has a huge selection of quality tying materials at a good price.
  4. Thats a hard one. I love stones, Drakes, Tricos, midges and hoppers... Probably the drakes though
  5. I'm looking for flies to tie that aren't Woolly Buggers or stramers or anything. I want to start with actual insect imitating flies. I live in Idaho so you get an Idea of the hatched. Also, can you tell me the materials I need and a good size to tie them in?
  6. Ok Thanks. To add to it, I'm asuming orvis makes their own rods, right?
  7. So I'm what you would call a rookie-semi-pro fly fisherman. I thought I was ready for Silver Creek. There's a reason I'm asking this question. In case you don't know what creek I'm talking about, Its known for its Drake hatch and its near Picabo,ID. I was there during the Midge/Baetis/Mahogany Dun hatch. I was using a 6X and I have no idea what I was doing wrong. If you need more info that just ank and I'll put in a reply.
  8. I've never purchased any Orvis Fly tying products, and I'm wondering about the price to quality ratio. I've heard that Orvis makes the best fly gear on the market and I don't have any protests. I also know that they make some of the most expensive gear also. I like the way the stuff looks on the website but I need to hear it from people I belive (not that I don't belive th website).
  9. Whats your opinion sampling nymphs by holding a pill-bottle or bucket down stream and then disturbing the stream bed to sample the bugs?
  10. but the stones are fun I just like the drakes
  11. So I started a couple of months ago and I have a nice 5wt rod and reel with some good backing and line. I have 5X and 6X tippet. I need to figure out how to make enough money to get things like float tubes, waders, and just stock up on lots of stuff. I'm also too youn to get a job.... I dont tie a lot of flies so thats not an option. Also I need a list of things to get such as the type and quantity of flies, some good stockingfoot waders, a float tube, and all the other essentials. I live in Idaho and mostly fish for trout. I'm almost always fishing streams and rivers.
  12. I just started tying and I have all the tools I need such as stacker, bobbin, threader, bodkin, scissors, vise and lots of other tools, But I need materials. All I have is red marabou, Elk hair, one thing of hackle and black chenille. I need more hackle and dubbing hooks but I need a list of materials and I have no Idea exactly what I need.
  13. I was using my 5wt rod and casting a large #6 bass popper and the rod was bending a ton and when i cast the leader and fly didn't turn over. Was this because the leader/tipped too short, my rod isn't strong enough or just that I'm casting wrong? Also I want to start fly fishing for bass more than I do, and do you think I should get a larger wt rod. If you think a 5wt is enough than what flies would be good for bass?
  14. I would stop carrying a net but every so often I hook into the one that the locals call "Walter" and I regret it. By the way, nice video
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