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  1. While I was out fishing today I had some decent sized trout, 10 -14 inch. They threw the fly shortly after hooking them so my question is what should I be doing with my rod when I do get some decent sized fish?
  2. Most of my fly fishing is done on small rivers where I can place my cast where ever I need. This weekend I went to the yellowstone river in Montana and I didnt have a clue how to fish it. So my question is on wide rivers where do I look for the fish? In the swift water, deep water, in the middle of the river or what?
  3. My favorite fly to tie is the prince nymph. Its relativly easy but I haven't perfected it just yet. On top of that I have had really good luck with it trout fishing.
  4. I started fly fishing last summer and was curious about what tippet is and how to use it. Right now what I do is tie leader to my float line and then tie the fly to the leader. My question is should I be doing that if not what should I be doing. Secondly, I can tie the prince nymph fairly well until I try to put the hackle on it. I was told to try using partridge feathers so I bought some but how do I convert the feather into the hackle, if that makes any sense. Also what are hackle pliers used for.
  5. Whew am glad I found this website, now on to my question. I bought a kit of fly tying tools off of ebay and I'm not sure what they are for and how to set them up with my vice. Second I live in southwest Montana and I was wondering what kind of tying materials I need because I have no idea what I need. The 3 books I bought have lots of good information but don't specifically say what I will need for a general start.
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