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  1. Hi Dave, The materials list I was referring to is the one at the top of the site including Cayana, Gymnogene, Maynana ect. Sorry If you picked this up wrong. Ethan
  2. Hi TKontio, My wish is certainly not to divide you guys, but I'm glad someone has grasped my point...however obscure that might have been ! I think TKontio has sumed it up my point better than me ! E
  3. Dave, This is a discussion.....not argument and of course I will remain civil. I also reserve a LOT of respect for the tyers here, yourself included. What I do deplore is the fact that you think I have taken a personal grudge on the forum members. You mention first "As a for instance I now know that the rare mounts etc that are being plucked off ebay early in the UK at the mo (much to several people on here's extreme annoyance) ....then you say.."I offered $800 initially, when the seller had been offered over $1200 and turned it down" !! Isn't that a contradiction? I have seen a materials list posted here......why not offer to buy those skins? If the owner doesn't sell the skin(or any feathers) are you implying that the owners are greedy and want to keep the skins for themselves? E.
  4. Thanks J.Z, I know where your coming from but imagine this.....I am selling a Cotinga Cayana skin on E-bay, that you are watching, and there is 30min left with 2 bids at $400. You a willing to go to $600 but all of a sudden you found it posted on this forum and it goes to $800.....Still happy? I'm not imlpying that if someone on thid forum bought it they wouldn't sell you some feathers, but it's not really the same if you had got it for $550 is it? Hypothetically of course.. And believe me, I would say it face to face.... E.
  5. Hey James, Your getting yourself into a pissing match. It was simply a serious comment that didn't warrant a smart one. Think for yourself instead of following a "Pied piper"........ E. p.s I love your flies
  6. Hey Guys, Thanks for the responses. And all of them I respect, but all are just as I figured they would be. Firstly Dave you imply that people like myself " want to shove them on a shelf as opposed to one of our lads getting something and making real use of it... " Do you really think you are the only guys who tye classic salmon flies? You mention that you guys were "clubbing together" to buy a Cotinga Cayana skin.......thats exactly my point ! What chance would someone like myself have had? Dave, you are an advanced member of this forum so I would expect most, if not all, to agree with you anyway, although I would have expected more of an intellectual response than "Preach on, Brother Carne" I'm more of a private person and prefare to keep it that way. Matt, thanks for your input, and I know we all have different views. Also, I haven't posted in 9 months for personal reasons of which I'm not prepared to divulge, but thanks for the reminder. Anyway it's food for thought, and thanks for you replies. Ethan.
  7. OK guys, Could I please ask you in the future to keep any "E-bay" items to yourselves. It strikes me as very unfair to people like myself who spend a lot of time searching and researching on E-bay to find that someone has plastered the item/s all over this forum. I understand that this is an information sharing site, however, I think it goes beyond the boundaries when information is shared about a particular item on E-bay. Now, you may reply with what you wish of course, but I think a lot of the forum members would agree (even if they state otherwise). Items which are posted, seems to be items which the member either already has, or has no wish to buy. May I make the suggestion that people looking for particular items post it on the forum, then, if another member sees it on E-bay they could P.M them? Say what you will, but it does make the difference between 2 people bidding on an item rather than 15. Thank-you for your time.....Ethan.
  8. Hello People, Sorry for the delay. I'm sure you all understand. Anyway, here is my little offering for a while, hope you like it E
  9. Lovely fly. I like the smooth transition from one body colour to the other. The effort payed off very well indeed. Ethan
  10. Very neat and sharp Yassid. Beautiful tie Ethan
  11. Well Done Long....... I like you're style!!!! All the best.. Ethan
  12. Hi Carli, What a lovely little fly. The tail and topping are perfect! You have a small lump at the tinsel tag tie-in point but I'm sure you have spotted this already. Have you tried splitting the floss? This gives you a lot more control over building a body and tag.Other than that, I certainly can't fault anything else! Any questions just ask... Great tye Carli, the rest will come with practise Best of luck..... Ethan
  13. Fantastic rendition of the Durham Ranger! And tied in you're finger...........Mr Bach will be proud to see this! Very well tied indeed. Ethan
  14. Looking great so far........... can't wait to see the end result. good going mate....
  15. Hi Sky-Pilot, Don't be so hard on yourself. Trust me, everything else on this fly is perfect....head, body, underwing,tag, tail and crest....perfect! It's a great learning curve and to be honest, it's not that short. A minor modification on the next one. Great fly......Looking forward to the next one.... Ethan
  16. This is my first attempt at the Durham Ranger. Never really wanted to tackle it before, but I think it turned out OK. Cheers.....Ethan
  17. Beautiful fly Sergei... Is that an A.J. Hook?... Nice job mate
  18. Very Best wishes from us Matt.......but a word of warning: Don't take the vise into the delivery room, I don't think you're wife would appreciate it LOL..... All the very best Matt..... Ethan and family.
  19. Utterly Splendid Davie. I especially like the way you leave a wrapped hackle on the body and don't brush it down, it seems to give the fly a much "fuller" look. Great job.... Ethan.
  20. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. One question: How did you make the white barring on the wood duck veiling green? Marker? Dye?
  21. Another cracker from you Dave. And what a wing! Do you EVER sleep? Beaut.........Ethan
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