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  1. You can find similar material shirts for a lot less w/o "SIMMS" on it.
  2. Poop you've never read or watched "Old man and the sea"? Not fly fishing, but reading the book put me right in the boat.
  3. Yes, biodiversity. Everything was alive and blooming just adding more to the beauty up there. Got to go back again and fish more. Wife got Asheville down town for two days then a third at Builtmore. Next trip it swings more my way. AND be a lot less costly.
  4. Just got back from my trip to NC. Started by visiting my brother in Raleigh area. He took me to the Harris Res. for top water bass. He's throwing his rubber frog and I'm using my 9wt to throw my deer hair mouse I tied about a year ago (changed the tail to rabbit first). Besides he tells me there's some jumbo large mouths in this lake. Big bait...big fish. Pow! Fish on. Not big but my first on the mouse and this rod I built. ????? Crappie? Yepper. Musta bin reel hungry. Did cat a large mouth but small. From there we went on to the west and the mountains where the rains came and came and turned most waters unfishable. Right before the rains I got one afternoon on the Mills river with a 16 year old friend. He hooked a nice trout on a dry right in front of him. It got off but now he's hooked on small mtn. streams away from everything. I did find a mtn. lake later that produced a few browns on a green wooly bugger.for dinner. The rains and high water did make the waterfalls dynamic however. All in all had a good time. Yes I hit a few pubs/breweries in Asheville too.
  5. Flats is growing up in the anything goes society and pretty soon "porn" will be removed from the dictionary.
  6. Saltybum

    Bull Reds

    Your wife was 37 but you said she was 73? Something like that?
  7. Fished Mills river Monday and caught a couple trout then the rains hit. Been in Franklin since Wednesday and watch the Cullasaja turn into the CullaRagea. Wild and muddy. Still raining but found Cliffside lake and caught a few browns for dinner on a green woolly bugger. More rain coming but enjoying the mountains anyway
  8. Saltybum

    Big Fish Fly

    Dick Catino, Satellite Beach? A long while back he even had some custom fly reels made too. VERY rare to find one of those and they look quite similar to the Billy Pate reels. A good friend of mine Troy Perez introduced me to him back in the 80's and he has a Catino reel as well.
  9. Anna Maria had a load of snook on the beach but hard to get hits. This one was barely off the sand and almost invisible. So close I didn't cast...just flipped it to it.
  10. Kanekalon and other wig materials. Waaaaay less expensive. May not have as many colors or the flash but ready to tie one.
  11. I've got a postal scale I use a lot for all kinds of things but think a gram scale would be handy as well. Constantly reading about fly lines being 250, 275, 300 etc. and working better with brand X _ wt. rod. Almost all my lines except a Teeny don't list actual gram weight. Plus then I can actually weigh all my ( wifes ) gold and know how much/little there really is.
  12. Here ya go Mike. The motley bunch. Never having tied anything smaller than a 6 it was quite the challenge for these old arthritic digits to work a few smaller things for my mid May NC trip. The rainbow fry streamers are all PB with a bit of marker for hair spots. The bottom left is peacock hurl wrapped around four glass beads, the #10. Only have a poor bit of biots and pc hurl to work with. Top right jumbo stonefly is all s rubber silly legs palmer and legs with a biot tail. #6 jig hook. Bigger than the other 6 streamers. I do have plenty of store bought etc. real flies from years back (nymphs and dries ) vacations to bail me out in case...... I do admire those whom tie on tiny hooks. My usual is #4-2/0 for the salt.
  13. Will be fishing western NC creeks. Don't want to buy a bunch of bead heads I'll never use, so trying to decided which dead animal ( already ) in my boxes to use for a natural looking but quicker sink for deeper pools etc. Smallest hooks I have are #10 with 6 the next up. Fortunately I have a load of tiny stuff I acquired from more than a decade ago for 6-8" fish. But want to tie a couple of my own, which I have. Let me tell you I have nothing but admiration for people who tie the 14-22 stuff now. I'm more at home with #4-1/0 salt flies. Maybe....maybe I'll post em. Maybe I'll wait till after the trip in case no fish get caught on em.
  14. I'm looking for hair that will get down quicker with least added weight. Thinking my squirrel and other smaller animals fur will work best.
  15. I know pretty well that the deer hair (whitetail, elk, moose) floats but what animal hair is better for sinking flies? Also aware that polar bear sinks and quite durable. But also not readily available. What are some others? Thanks
  16. Did they cook your salmon for you or make you let it go?
  17. Man is the animal on this planet that destroys the house in which he lives. While thinking about this for a bit...we could apply the scenario to many different aspects of life involving individuals feeling good about their accomplishments and advertising it or showing off as some call it. And for the most part there is always an angle argue about what or how much damage is being done to our society or environment in the process. I've been on both sides of this coin ( commercial fishing lic. ) and looking at the current state of the planet I'm almost ashamed to admit to be part of the human race. As long as any kind of money is involved in any way it won't change, I think, before it's too late to change it. In the mean time I'm looking forward to next month to enjoy crystal clear mountain creeks in NC because my local waters are poo brown and full of dying fish. It was on the news again last night.
  18. You are correct phg I left out the very important time frame. May 14-21st with two or three days in Ashville area then heading over to the Franklin area where we will staying about four more days with friends who have property right on the Cullasaja just south of town a few miles. A monster brown would be fantastic but any trout over 10" will also be great. Thanks for all the input everyone..and the website phg
  19. Excellent info guys. I do believe I'll have to check out the Davidson. Snakes don't bother me. Wife...different story.
  20. Kimo Love the pink n purple poetry in motion flies.
  21. When the wife isn't dragging me around Ashville and the Builtmore I intend to hit the streams hard. We will be saying several days on the Cullasaja outside Franklin and plan to hit Deep Creek as well. Question...in hopes of getting a nice brown what are some of the better streamers to toss. Also suggested areas close around Ashville to fish. I've already got a bunch of nymphs and such but want to tie a couple larger (#6) black and olive bugger things. Any and all suggestions / photos greatly appreciated. Thanks
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