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  1. Thanks for the xtra shots Betty. Gives me an idea what I can do with my arti shanks.
  2. Saltybum


    Thanks Good eye Bob Other than a couple pieces of flash it's all PB.
  3. Saltybum


    Hope to be tossing this pink bear soon.
  4. Nice Flats. Still like drunken shrimps as well.
  5. Fit is to me the most important feature. Nowadays most glasses are UV protective, high clarity, distortion free etc. How ever if they don't fit your face correctly to eliminate peripheral light it doesn't matter how high tech they are you wont get the full benefit. Kind of like asking what's the best fly rod? You have to try them out and see what's the best FIT for you and your face for performance.
  6. I recently bought some UC clears from SilverCreek and very pleased with his product. Dries completely tack free and he even included a really nice laser light with my order. Plus he's a member here too. Back to flies... Here's one of all PB for trout, snook or tarpon and any other hungry salty predators.
  7. Caloosa, that little fly on the first page would be killer for our ditch tarpon once the warmer weather brings them back.
  8. Caloosa, that little fly on the first page would be killer for our ditch tarpon once the weather brings them back.
  9. Thanks Mike. Make me a better about having a senior moment. When I start forgetting my wife's name....uh,... uh...Carmen!...then I'm in real trouble
  10. Thanks for the complements. It's a blank I got from Fish Creek off ebay. I also built a 9' 3wt I got from them last year that I really like. Actually the reel too came from Fish Creek a while back.
  11. Slap me up side the haid.... just realized I posted this in the wrong section.
  12. Picked up a 6wt blank on sale and built this with a few components I already had in a drawer. Hard to show the translucent blues of the blank in the photos. Even has a blue graphite insert in the reel seat although it appears more blue green. My photos don't do it justice. I'm more partial to faster actions and this rod is more of a full flex. I'll probably put it up for sale. I'm sure Mike will like it especially with the blue stripper guides.
  13. What Bob said is exactly why we have closed winter season on snook. In the past people would simply go for a boat ride and fill their boats with stunned fish thinking they were dead or just taking advantage of the stunned fish. Sure hope we don't get any more freezes this year, for the fish and me. I hate the cold.
  14. Hurry spring! No telling what else cabin fever is going to produce before the spring thaw. I would need to go to the gym for a couple weeks before even trying throw that thing flytire. But it is purdy...purdy big!
  15. Yeah about three hours from me as well and I would have to go through Tollando and spend too much play money just getting there.
  16. Mangrove snapper! That's one I haven't got on fly yet. Need to add it my bucket list along with bone and cobia. Glad you had a great time and caught fish.
  17. I used to run 20 plus miles offshore Canaveral by myself looking for fish. I always check the weather to avoid unexpected hazards but never wore a pfd...until after have been married a while and the wife bugging me. Now...I always wear my automatic inflatable vest. In cooler seasons I did also always keep my wetsuit stashed in my boat in case of emergency. As tjm said it doesn't take COLD water to kill you just cooler than you. There are hazards of many sorts wading even our balmy Florida flats. I got the scare of my life a couple summers ago while wading and thankful to be alive today. About 11:30 am an early cloud decided to get very tall over me but not wide. Unusual since everywhere else were just the typical little cotton balls before the late afternoon build up. I was suspicious of this one cloud right over me and kept watching it getting taller but still barely wider than 400 yds. I was thinking this doesn't look right and I'm about to make my decision to head back to shore maybe two hundred yards in knee deep water. Yeah you guessed it. POW! S*&%T! I never prayed so hard while moving as fast as I could while this damn thing fired off at least five or six more bolts before I got to my truck. Thankfully none hit the water. Once in my truck I checked the radar on my phone. One small red dot directly over me and nothing else in the whole state. After my pulse and nerves settled down I went home. I surfed with sharks, waded swamps with gators and cotton mouths etc. but nothing scares me like lightning. Be safe, be cautious, be vigilant so later you can share your adventures with us.
  18. Stealthy colors to sneak up on those smart old troots. I'm one of those less is more sometimes kind of guy.
  19. Checking in a container of water real cork floats a tiny bit higher. I think they would sand down pretty good. Haven't tried it myself. May have to for some smaller fun size to throw. One thing for sure is there won't be any voids as cork might have and I think they would stand up well against toothy critters.
  20. Here's a few I made a while back for cobia out of synthetic wine corks. Have yet to toss one at a fish. 7/0 hooks I think. Takes 10wt or better to fling em'.
  21. Bimini, I've never fished the glow stuff. Hope to try it around the canals at night soon. Will let you know.
  22. A few things I tied up while the weather is crappy. The bottom two have glow in the dark fibers for some after hours fishing.
  23. More photos please, Zip. Right now sunny Florida ( space coast ) is raining, 45 degrees with 95% humidity and gusting to 36kts. Very crappy start to the new year. Might as well be up north.
  24. My wading foot wear is SeaSoft Stealth dive booties. They have arch support and thick hard soles with rubber reinforced over the toe and heels. Let us know how you do.
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