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  1. Not fly tying flesh wound but I was building a plug and had it to close in a bad spot to find it with my arm for those wanting to see a flesh wound. Didn't hardly feel it going in ...but to push the point through...ouch! Sorry for hijacking the thread.
  2. My two cents relates to a different kind of common sense. The lighter weight rods in medium action +or- tend to work well in fresh water stream conditions for smaller trout while using very light tippets. Going to larger brutes as in most salt species the faster action rods are preferred for both quick strip striking and windy conditions and not using the rod to stick the fish. Most salty fish will spit the fly before a medium action rod will bury the point home just using the rod to strike. I said MOST salt fish for those who tend to not read things closely. Some will slam it and run before &%#@ you knew what happened. All my lighter rods are true buggy whips and my salt stuff will sweep the floor, a couple more than others.
  3. Uh, try garage poopdeck. I really doubt this guys keeps all this gear elsewhere.
  4. That one in the truck appears to bungy corded in and looks like he can load and unload it rods and all in one trip.
  5. John Waite can sell you polar bear hair legally. 1.800.347.4654 Not cheap but he has it.
  6. Dryer link fantastic for starting fires. No Vaseline needed either. Starts super easy with just the sparks from a survival kit fire started. Stuff some in a baggie and carry with you for emergencies in the outdoors.
  7. After about 100+ shots using different lens, settings and lighting and a little software tweaking this one looks pretty darn close to the actual painting. Original and prints available to anyone interested.
  8. Catch and release is playing with your food. I love snook on the grill
  9. I tie a mullet version for sea trout on the flats and have gotten all biggest ones on them. Great flies.
  10. Ok, here's the finished painting. Very tricky trying to get a good photo for reproduction that shows the colors correctly as on the actual painting. This is very close though. Still have not settled on a title yet but appreciate all the input and complements.
  11. Thanks for the complements. The painting is almost done. I'll post up a better photo once it's complete
  12. My Renzetti can do about anything the HMH can but I know my Toyota is no match to the Aston.
  13. Chasing red heads....Not bad and what I used to do about 30 years ago.
  14. Saltybum


    I understand the gas/distance time etc. and food fish BUT this is a fly fishing site and we really don't want to see your non-fly caught cooler filled limits. I agree totally with Permitcapt as well.
  15. Thanks for all the ideas and complements. I've got a few days before submittal deadline so keep them coming.
  16. Almost finished with this painting. Cell phone camera doesn't do it justice at all. Once finished I'll take better photos with my SLR. I've been tossing around ideas for naming this one but thought I would run it by you salty fly fishers to get some of your ideas. Next week it'll be sent to Marlin mag. for consideration to get in their annual offshore gallery issue. Thanks
  17. Saltybum

    Fly Box Art

    Second Rainbow has nice action and lines.
  18. Saltybum


    I'm 100% with you Andrew. I hate backward swimming shrimp patterns. Fish look for an easy unsuspecting meal...not chasing wild backward flipping shrimp around. However...PLEASE show us an SBS on how you tie yours hook up. I've tied a few hook down and they do work well but in shallow conditions they do hang up. attached a couple of my jumbos. The big ugly one got slammed by a 10lb triple tail after rejecting finger mullet. Thanks
  19. Saltybum


    Just call Lamson and ask to be the first to field test one by a real non-rep type. Nice folks anytime I've called them. Who knows?
  20. Sight Cast...is that trout sick? He has no fangs. Nice fly and love seeing photos of flies with the fish that ate them.
  21. Where did Bimini say he bought those shoes online? Many stores have the policy that if you have problems with the product you need to take it up with the manufacturer NOT the seller.
  22. Saltybum


    Steve, I think the goal for you would be "Finally here's a rod from MCFR that will cast any line with precision". No more hassles of trying to find that right line for your fickle fly flinger. "This rod does it ALL"! Oh wait...Haven't I already heard that somewhere before?
  23. Saltybum


    Do show us what eats them.
  24. Guides that won't cater to both fly and conventional anglers? That's odd. I know quite a few guides here and their main thing is to stay booked with whomever and whatever. Maybe Florida is different than Texas. Keep looking though, I'm sure you will find one that WILL cater.
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