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  1. Ok, here's a photos of the crabs minus mine. Of course the photos never does them justice.
  2. Dip some bead chain in hot lead and cut apart as needed.
  3. Some crabs just crawled under my door. There is only one problem I have with them...I don't know which one I want to fish with first. Great set of crab flies guys. Now to find some redfish or other hungry predators.
  4. You definitely want a short head like a redfish line. More false casting to load the rod the more fish will see movement in the crystal clear water and get lock jaw. They may not take off but they are smart and will just ignore any offerings once they get suspicious. Sometimes they are only a couple feet off the sand, so staying back a bit from the water helps keep your shadow etc. from spooking them. Go by and see Norm at his shop for more tips while there.
  5. Nice soft hackles Old Hat Power shooter, how about an SBS on that shrimp.
  6. Good question Dave. Deadline was a week ago and I believe yours were the only ones coming from across the pond. Correct me if I'm wrong...which is often anymore.
  7. Sorry vicente...I decided to sit out this tie swap. Or was it fly swap.
  8. Saltybum


    I think ( correct me if I'm wrong ) the main issue is paying $300+ or- for what is basically a high dollar cane pole. Is it fast. slow, moderate or...actually doesn't matter because it's only carrying enough line to flip w/o a reel. Fly casting is an art that sometimes takes years to fully develop. Fishing with a fly or say a jumbo fly for a snook doing the splatter pole method is not fly fishing by any stretch of the imagination but done with a very long pole and wiggled on the surface ( w/o a reel needed ) until getting slammed. I don't think IGFA has a category for such a method of angling. FUN & Exciting? Absolutely, but....not fly fishing! Conclusion: This is "Fly tying forum" and if you tie flies for your fancy cane pole then by all means go for it!
  9. So now we are lamenting because those little beauties weren't in the swap. That is those of us who did get in the crab swap.
  10. Flats, are you 16 and got your license now? South Florida and the keys offer so much in fishing opportunities which why soooo many people save for vacations to fish down there. Pollution and algae blooms have ruined the seatrout capitol where I live. But the retention ponds are breeding chicks and gators. That stinking gator was only about 6ft but an aggressor. Followed me half way around the pond and came all the under the floating vegetation island and immediately spooked another one the same size out of the area completely. I think he's the pond bully. Actually hissed at me once when I didn't throw him a fish. Finally got pissed at him and threw my fly at him and drug it over his back twice trying to stick'm. Finally got the hint and left. May need to call FWC on this one as he'll be a real problem with a little more size.
  11. You mean a real snook tie with the correct black stripe colors?
  12. No worries zip, Mike's got that beast in the can with the lid on.
  13. County mowed the road side yesterday and why this one is all grassy looking. Come on guys, I know I'm not the only person catching fish in the salt or brackish water. Lets some of yours...you too flats, since schools out you gotta be bowing up.
  14. Show us a photo with in a reds mouth and then I'll believe you.
  15. Dave, have you been fishing around a nuclear power plant again?
  16. Mike, if you had been with me yesterday morning you would have seen me catch two tiny tarpon about 8" long. However after that I hit another stretch of ditches and hooked one that bent my rod double before become airborne about 25 feet from me. It blew my mind it was so big for such a small ditch. I'm guessing it was every bit of 42 inches plus. But my little number 6 mosquito hook was not up to the task and immediately released it. So while we have some babies for you to play with there is always the chance momma wants to play as well. I'll be tying some new flies today on some #4 Owner Flyliner hooks. Also super sharp points but much stronger wire.
  17. flytire, that is a really great list that might be good as a sticky to go back and review from time to time. A good tip I don't remember where I got from...when at your local fly shop buying necks, hackles, deer hair or other natural materials, open the bag and gently pull the material and inspect it. Hackles may look nice in the bag but not so upon closer inspection as with deer hair, feeling it your hand will determine if it's been over treated, bleached etc. and brittle etc. Also I've found much better necks in the back of a display underneath several packages on top of it. So much good stuff here, great thread.
  18. Very nice Mike. Thanks for the info on the lead wraps as well. I know from tying the pole dancer that getting the weighting and position are critical to getting the right action. How does the front hook perform as to just a single in the back?
  19. My grandma's fourth of July hat was loaded with goodies...was.
  20. The video on the water just builds the hopeful anticipation of the explosion we all hope for no matter which species it is we are fishing for. Me...it's jumbo sea trout or snook on the flats or a rare calm surf on the east coast. For me nothing is more exciting than that early in the morning when there is no ripple in the water except your lure doing it's enticing dance when all of a sudden a bomb goes off, sometimes only a few feet in front of you, sometimes leaving you standing there like a blubbering idiot having lost all composure not even knowing if the fish still has your fly in it's mouth or not for a second or two. Yes, that's the rush we all lust for and I think the deer hair spook is just the pill for it. I've tied a few of the pole dancers and they work ok, but the spook, is well..... So please, all the info on how to tie it correctly is greatly appreciated by me and anyone else reading this. Thanks
  21. Yeah, a while back I was posting photos of fat flats trout and reds and he said he was almost...almost tempted to come wade the salt flats with me but...well, you know...
  22. No worries zip, three days yet for deadline and yours are in mail. However any slackers not meeting deadline will be staked out naked on a mudflat at low tide that is known for a huge crab infestations of all varieties looking for easy pickings. Mike said he would make sure the one crab in his post would be available too.
  23. Lots of peacock in a couple areas near me and they aren't owned by anyone and not indigenous either, hence not protected. Might even be good eating too.
  24. Meeshka that's it! THANKS ! If I labor through one and a beer or two I'll post my results.
  25. Recently I saw a video Jeff Creamer did on his spook and how he positioned the weights etc. but I'll danged if I can find it again. All I turn up is the short video of the water testing. Anyone else know where his info is on this? Jeff, you out there? I want tie one up and my longer shanks are already ordered. Thanks
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