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  1. This is tough: In no particular order 1. Green River, Utah 2. Wind River, WY 3. Metolius River, OR 4. Driftless Area, WI 5. Firehole River, WY
  2. Official job title is Registered Vascular Technologist. I use ultrasound to find and monitor venous and arterial disease, and assist in ultrasound guided procedures for varicose veins and dialysis access complications
  3. I got mine today. They loom like they've been to hell and back, but there were some amazing buggers safe inside the tin!
  4. Mine have yet to show. I'm getting anxious!
  5. I buy 1mm and 0.5 mom foam at my local shop all the time
  6. I'm guessing if you were to sell them, they would be worth practically nothing. However, if you tie, there are probably endless possibilities
  7. Could I get an address please?
  8. Nice wraps on the rib! Those look as good or better than a lot of the midges I tie, and I've been at it a few years!
  9. I'm getting close, unless I decide to tie 12. But I could use an address
  10. I forgot to mention that mine went out saturday
  11. You know, I had a day this summer where I hooked 15+ Chinook salmon on a salmon fly nymph. I only landed 2, but the salmon were taking salmon fly nymphs..... so it potentially could be a salmon fly swap for salmon
  12. Hey atx, I think the swap is for the stonefly the salmon fly, not flies for actual salmon
  13. I'm just about done and could use an address
  14. Is the 12 swappers the problem? I suppose that is a lot of big bugs to tie up. Maybe change it to 6 and see what happens?
  15. So can you share the recipe? I'm most curious as to what the underbody was. I think the remainder was just the rabbit strip, hackle wraps, and a conehead. But what else was there? robert I'm taking that to the grave!! Not really. It's just medium black crystal hackle, tied in at the back and wrapped forward. Brush the fibers back with every turn. I'll look at the bag when I get home from work and see specifically who makes it. The rest you got correct. It's a really easy tie.
  16. Thanks for the kind words! Its a super effective pattern. I don't k ow if it has a name, I thought it up myself, but I'm sure someone else tied it before me. One of these days I'll get my butt in gear and pop my SBS cherry with it
  17. I'm in with a bugger I use on the local brackish lagoons
  18. Mine are in the mailbox waiting to be picked up tomorrow
  19. I was making progress on mine when I ran out of rabbit strips. I just picked some up today and will try to knock them out this week.
  20. I don't need a thank you letter, and definitely not a personal one
  21. I don't really need my extras back. I live on the coast with sterile rivers so I never fish emerges anyway. I would prefer they were donated
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