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  1. I'm in with a streamer, probably
  2. I hosted a pet hair fly swap that had some incredible ties.
  3. 8 little zonkers left to go for the charity and I'm ready to ship. I think I already havd your address from previous swaps
  4. I've been a bit slow on the uptake for this one. I have about half my emergers tied and should be able to finish everything up this week
  5. Got mine today! Wacky random flies. I like it!
  6. Have fun on the yak. Its gorgeous in the canyon.
  7. Got mine today. Awesome swap guys!
  8. Purple hackle stacker style emerger that I'm tying for a swap.
  9. Yeah, I'm kind thinking they're lost. Along with my $10 for return postage haha. Oh well. I'll cross my fingers that they show.
  10. Should I be worried about my flies not arriving yet?
  11. You're new to tying? Hot damn! Those look great!
  12. Nice looking golden stone fly Travis.Where do you get the light olive goose boot at? LOL! HAHA I missed that! BIOT, not BOOT. Nice catch!
  13. Nice looking golden stone fly Travis.Where do you get the light olive goose boot at? LOL! Just got them down at the local fly shop. If you need some and can't find some, I'll send some to you
  14. Here's my offering for the nymph swap Hook: dai-riki #710 size 6 Thread: Danville 210 brown Tail: light olive goose boot body: copper brown antron yarn ribbing: light olive flexi floss Dubbing: antron golden stone Carapace: tan razor foam Legs: golden yellow crazy legs
  15. It takes guts to post a pic of your fur burger on the internet!
  16. If possible, try to tie the bodies even slimmer. It's hard to go too slim on a chiro body.
  17. I'm going to finish tonight, so I could use an address please.
  18. Got my flies today. Wow, these are great. I might take some of these steelhead fishing tomorrow
  19. I find the simplest midge patterns work the best.
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