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  1. I'm in with a meterman stone nymph
  2. Hows this for a northern California coastal cutt??
  3. Well I was planning on shipping mine out today, but I discovered that a broke a hook point off when I was pinching a barb. So I have one more to tie
  4. TFO BVK 3wt- Dries, nymphs TFO BVK 5wt- Big dries, nymph, streamers Ross Essence 5wt- Nymphs Orvis Advantage?? 9'3" 7 wt- Steelhead- Nymph and swing Thinking about getting a 9 weight for rockfish and ling cod in the ocean
  5. I tie flied down to size 24 on mine without any problem
  6. My left eye is dominant, but I shoot guns right handed anyway. I have yet to figure out a rhyme or reason to which hand I use for things.
  7. Sounds like this might be an old yeller type situation
  8. I don't have a name for what I'm tying but it's a dark iridescent zebra midge with a peacock sword collar
  9. I'm a confused lefty. I write left handed, cast left handed, but tie and play guitar right handed. I can throw with either, but better with my right
  10. I'm in with the ever popular TBD
  11. Jimmy Leg's stonefly or Copper John for rivers, Copper John or Zebra midge for lakes. I love Copper Johns. I've hooked chinook salmon on copper johns.
  12. My flies went out today. I purposely didn't put a preference in the box
  13. Could I get an address please? I'd like to ship tomorrow
  14. Got them! What a great set of flies. Thank you for hosting!
  15. I'm still waiting on mine and getting more and more anxious!
  16. My local fly shop proprietor told me that Whiting has been hoarding hackle for a while now
  17. I tied up a few new stonely patterns today because I'm burned out of tying my go to, the jimmy legs. This one is my favorite. I think the antron body and flexi-floss rib will look good in the water. The carapace is cut to shape from .5mm foam. Comments and criticism encouraged!
  18. I like these a lot. I've been messing with zonker helmets. Do you paint them yourself?
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