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  1. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Istripbuggers" data-cid="570293" data-time="1385359124"><p> Mad river's steelhead extra pale ale and double steelhead double IPA, eel river brewery.. That American beauty isn't exactly fishing related but a VERY worthy beer so that's a good addition</p></blockquote> I live about 10 minutes from the brewery and sometimes stop in for a steelhead after fishing the mad river for steelhead. Its just too perfect!
  2. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="JSzymczyk" data-cid="567175" data-time="1382915882"><p> anyone else notice the ******** dually? Put a 3/4 ton ass end on a 1/2 ton pickup. I haven't seen that since I lived in New Mexico. What a moron. Dangerous moron. <br /> <br /> BTW Joe, who the hell wants to share an RV with 8 people????</p></blockquote> Amen on the new mexico comment. That whole state is practically jimmy-rigged together
  3. There is also 20 inch brown, forget the brewer but its in the bend, OR area. And steelhead pale ale from mad river brewery in Humboldt county, CA, just down the road from me!
  4. I actually hooked a half pounder steelhead during my wedding photos with my groomsmen. The photographer had us all posed on the bank of the river and was tsking picturesbofbus while i was casting. I wasn't paying attention to my fly and almost fell in when I set the hook. I would have been in deep shit
  5. It is slow in the dead of winter. I used to go up there to escape Albuquerque but I only fly fished it minimally. It was right when I first started fly fishing. I've seen some people pull some mighty big browns out of there. Now that I'm so crazy about fly fishing, I'm constantly wanting to take a trip back down to NM and try streamer fishing for those big boys
  6. OR, WA, CA, NM, WI. Damn, that's a little depressing. I really want to do Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.
  7. Just got mine in the mail, with a few extras for the host
  8. Join the Washington fly fishing forum. There are people on that site from all over the world. There is an entomology section where you can post pics of bugs and the resident entomologist, "taxon" is pretty good at identifying them. Trust me, join it
  9. If there is a dropout I'll be the replacement.
  10. I'm still plugging away at mine, I have a few more to do. I'll probably get them in the mail this week.
  11. The first fish i caught was a 22" inch rainbow on the San Juan River in NM, on a #20 or #22 red zebra midge. I didn't tie that one. It was my first time fly fishing and I was standing in the 40 something degree water with my jeans rolled up to my knees, flailing around like a propeller. Some guides took pity on my and gave my some flies and showed my how to cast, mend, etc. The first fish I caught on a fly that I tied was also on the Juan. I'm almost positive it was on a chamois leech, although it could have been a San Juan worm. It was a smaller 12" rainbow.
  12. Brits make the best fishing dogs!
  13. I should be moved by then. I'm in with a purple flashback. I prefer tying that as a copper john, is that acceptable? If not I can do it as a normal PT
  14. A bunch of size 28 zebra midges if your friend over fishes the San Juan. Not kidding
  15. Sorry guys, like I said in the email I jumped the gun on this one, I have too many obligations right now that j did t consider, and I would end up sending hastily tied half-assed flies. Sorry everybody for the inconvenience
  16. Nate, your flies showed up brilliantly colored, its the camera
  17. Dammit I knew it would be those two that I mixed up. Sorry guys, I'll fix it when I'm at a computer and not on my phone. And yeah, the camera isn't great
  18. Okay i got therest of the pics up. If I got names wrong let me know, I'm at work and the flies are at home so I might have messed up.
  19. Not a doctor, just a vascular ultrasound tech!
  20. I got a deer tail and a peacock sword the other day. My patients are always bringing me stuff to tie with. I try to keep it on the downlow haha. Gonna work on the rest of the pics in a bit
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