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  1. Okay guys, we have a dropout, so there is one spot open now. I'm going to give preference to the people that expressed interest in doing Pet Hair 2.0. So of these people, whoever gets back to me first is in. 1. Flysmallie 2. MRidenour 3. Saltybum 4. Mybadhabit's person, Margaretann If we go a few days and I don't hear from any of them, I'll leave the last spot open to whoever wants it
  2. Haha it might be kind of frightening to see whata you would get from a "self hair swap"
  3. I'll save you a spot in 2.0! I'll be a little more adventurous with my shipping by then.
  4. Hopefully they have been alerted! I wonder what he'll move onto next.
  5. That is beyond awesome!! I'm pretty sure I'll be doing a 2.0 at some point, I'll hold a spot for you too.
  6. I mean thank her for her interest!
  7. That doesn't sound like him. But it's a shame that this probably legitimate guy in St Louis is suspicious, isn't it?
  8. For the record, it sounds like he at least was in the military. He's just using his vet status to guilt people for his profit, which is highly unethical at best.
  9. Sorry, I'm going to keep it as full now. I don't want the hassle of wanting people to tie extra flies, and they might not get the message and come up short. But if this one is a success I very well might do a pet hair 2.0. I'll save a spot for you if that happens! Thanks for your interest!
  10. Hi everyone, It appears that a scammer, who goes by the name Newtyer1 has been making the rounds on various fly fishing forums, handing out a sob story about how he is a disabled veteran with a sick daughter, and people send him tying materials, rods, etc. He then turns around and sells them. The Washington FF forum recently lit up with people who have tried to buy or sell rods and don't receive payment. Several people reported that they were moved by his story, so they sent him tying equipment, which he promptly sold on the same forum. As the WFF forum was getting heated, people started coming in from Project Healing Waters and various east coast forums reporting the same type of thing. He apparently was contacting the vendors that support PHW, getting free gear (like 2 Orvis rods), and selling them. On another forum, he put out a sob story about how he needed money so he could travel upstate to visit his dying daughter before her final operation. People donated over a thousand dollars, which he used to purchase a top of the line fly rod. This is the link to the WFF thread. http://washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/index.php?threads/request-for-help-recovering-payment-or-rod-from-newtyer1-aka-scott-martin.88506/ His name is Scott Martin and he apparently lives in Virginia. Don't fall for a scam. If not for the generosity I encountered in my early days of fly fishing, I might not have stuck with it. People donating their old gear, flies, and knowledge is what keeps this sport going around. People like this jackass who exploit that cause a huge amount of damage to our sport. And exploiting your service record to scam people out of money and possessions is beyond despicable, and a slap in the face to our veterans. So please be on the lookout for this guy, and don't fall for his scam.
  11. Okay guys we've got ourselves a swap! This one should be a lot of fun. I'm already in trouble with the wife for my poor haircutting skills.
  12. SWAP IS FULL!! Hi everybody. This will be my first swap hosted on FTF, and it's going to be kind of a goofy one. Any pattern, any style, the only requirement is that the pattern must contain hair from a pet. Cat, dog, llama, parakeet, etc etc etc. I'll be utilizing my Brittany Spaniel for my pattern. I'm looking for 8 additional swappers, besides myself, for a total of nine. You'll tie 8 patterns, and won't get your own pattern back. When you tag your flies, please include the type of pet you used. I prefer to recieve a self addressed and stamped envelope, rather than just cash. Because this is my first swap hosted, I would prefer on US swappers, so I don't have to deal with the hassle of shipping internationally. Sorry to any out of country guys that would want to participate. The due date will be June 28th. I think that should be plenty of time. Thanks everyone, I hope to kick off my swapmeister duties with a bang! 1. atxdiscgolfer- Abigail's Gotcha- Received 2.mybadhabit- Cats 3. riffleriversteelheadslayer- Shit Poo- Received 4. DrVette- Snake and Tonkinese Emerger - Received 5. SSC- #16 Border Collie Mosquito 6. Shoebop- Beagle Bugger- Received 7. Saltybum- Gibson baitfish- Received 8. Natedubay- Rabbit/Golden Poo- Received 9. Travis Bille- Brittany Spaniel fly- Finished
  13. Wow, got my flies today. These are ridiculously well tied. Thank you guys for giving me something to aspire to!
  14. Nevermind, got home from work and they were in the mail. They look great! I'm not sure what happened, I got Jimboha!'s tags for the olive scud and the zebra midge, but the flies didnt appear to make it in. I checked the shipping package too.
  15. Do we have an update flytyinfreaks flies? I'm getting anxious!
  16. Here's my contribution to the "Tie what you can with this" swap. #14 Rusty sHACKLEford Stacker Hook: Dai-Riki #305 size 14 Thread: 6/0 Danville Dark Olive Tail: Pheasant Tail (required material) Body: Amber mini ultra-tube (required) Hackle: Grizzly (required) Post: Steel Grey antron (required) Thorax: Rusty Brown Ice Dub (required)
  17. I headed down to the fly shop in town today, and they didn't have any liquid lace, and the owner Mike said that he thought they went out of business. I was able to get some amber ultra tube, so I hope that is a reasonable substitution. And the antron I have is "steel grey".
  18. Contain them it will! And I actually think I have an idea. Just need to pick up some liquid lace, some dubbing, and give it a go. This should be fun! Thanks for hosting
  19. At first I found this concept intimidating. But then I remembered that I started doing swaps to challenge myself to become a better tyer. So what the hell, I'm in, and I have no clue what I'm going to tie!
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