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  1. Flies went out today! I'd expect them shortly since I live relatively close to you
  2. Mine are all tied up, I just need to tag them and get them in the mail. I'll try to do that next week sometime
  3. I'll tenatively do a size 16 Copper John Variant
  4. I would like in on this swap please, I will determine my pattern later
  5. Mine showed up today! This was my first swap on this forum and wow am I impressed with the quality of the flies. These are beautiful. I hope I can learn from you guys and eventually be able to tie flies of this caliber. Thank so much for letting me participate.
  6. I tie the jimmy Legs in a salmonfly pattern too, with a tungsten bead with black chenille wrapped over the top. I use orange for the legs, and then color the legs black above the knot so they're black next to the body and have orange "feet". I get the Life Flex at the fly shop, i think it's also called Flexi Floss and is sold as leg or body material, I believe.
  7. Thank you kindly! It's called life flex, I pretty much get it specifically for the Jimmy Legs. I think the knots give it a lot of movement. I'm pretty confident in that pattern
  8. Alrighty, I mailed mine out today, and the post office guy said they should arrive on Saturday. Thanks for hosting and co-hosting!
  9. I'm plenty fine with the extra flies being donated. And thank you for hosting!
  10. I'll try to get mine out next week. Work's been crazy
  11. I am completely fine with that. And I have finished all of my flies, so I can mail them whenever an address is decided on. I went with a #14 S&M and a #6 Jimmy Legs
  12. I would like to get in on this one. I'll probably do a size 6 jimmy legs stonefly and a size 16 black S&M nymph. That's been a successful combo for me on the rogue, pit, and lower sacramento rivers.
  13. I need the address as well please
  14. In the swap that i did on the washington fly fishing forum, we tied two patterns per swapper participating, so 22 flies for 12 swappers. Just to be clear, since this is my first swap on this forum and I don't want to be the one to mess it up, we are only tying one fly per participating swapper, right? So 10 patterns for the 11 swappers?
  15. I have decided I will by tying a Jimmy Legs, although I'm not yet sure about size or color
  16. I would like to join with a pattern TBD. This will be my first swap, so I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Travis, I live in Humboldt County, CA. I started fly fishing 3 years ago when I lived in New Mexico, then I moved to Washington, where I got really into it. I started tying semi-seriously in Washington too. A new job and a baby brought me to McKinleyville, CA, not far from the legendary Klamath and Trinity Rivers. With an 8 month old daughter, I don't get out to fish too much anymore, so I spend a good amount of time tying. If you would like someone to vouch for fly swap reliability, you could check out washingtonflyfishing.com. In the fly tying section, there is a fly swap section, and I participated in the "Winter Lake Swap". My flies were the first of the group to arrive, so I'm on top of things and reliable.
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