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  1. Hey I just finished watching your videos...Thanks for making them! You made the whole "tube world" seem easier for me. I tied up a few wooly buggers to get myself started and so far I'm seeing some progress...The first one went up in flames...even after your heads up haha. 2nd one looked better but the wraps of thread on the marabou seemed to be sliding a bit, so the 3rd try was a bit better. Thanks again though for the videos I'm looking forward to learning more as I go.
  2. Hello from Maine as well....well Maine and Mass. Grew up in Auburn, live in SE MA now but am in Maine every weekend. Heading to Rangeley this month for a few weeks to fish and explore around. Good luck out there!
  3. Funny this convo came up because I did the same thing with my son this year. He just turned 11 but wanted to start tying (I'm also new) I just told him to go nuts with the stuff we have...He tied probably 25 flies. He doubted that they would catch anything so I brought him out in our kayaks and tied one on to my line. Caught a sunfish! Made his day (Of course I couldn't tell him sunfish will go at anything) Nonetheless I kept a few of his flies in my favorite fly box. I'm hoping for the holidays to get him a little package of stuff of his own and let him make some more. I even thought a fly-tying class would be fun to go to as long as its basic enough for him.
  4. jallenjet

    Boston Area

    Yeah no prob. I don't know enough about fly fishing yet but yeah they do seem picky. However the guy next to me appears to have caught a few each of the last few days...although hes a regular.
  5. jallenjet

    Boston Area

    Hey I wish I had read this earlier. I'm in the South Boston area and took a buzz to the swift river yesterday. Tons of trout still swimming around however it was my first time being on a river (fish from my pond and the ocean typically) I didn;t catch anything due to the fact (as I was told my a native of that area) that my nymphs were too large. I picked up some new ones at the Bears Den and hope to go back next week. If you're interested in going give me a shout. It's not too bad of a drive -Josh A.
  6. Thanks paflyguy! Duckydoty sent some great pictures of the flies he's using, they're pretty sweet!
  7. Been reading this for a bit and figured I'd chime in (with nothing important) but I looked at that Hobie Kayak on a visit to NJ...holy moly what a cool kayak! Would be awesome minus the fact it costs in the area of 4500.00! Sorry can't justify that money for fishing unless its on multiple rods or something... My wife and I have 3 kayaks though, 2 are the field and stream yaddah yaddah ones...I can't stand on them but have had a blast fly fishing from it...haven't casted crazy far our given that I'm sitting but I've done ok. I'm going to drag my butt out to the ocean this year here in SE Mass and give it a shot and see if i don't go for a swim in the process. I'll let you all know how I make out. Right now I'm attaching a fly rod holder and looking into making a "detachable" pontoon for it just to help with stability...we'll see how that works out. It does give me lots of storage space so I don't get too tangled up.
  8. Thanks! They go in August I think and if I'm not mistaken they use your lodge. I will double check this.
  9. Hi guys, A few of my buddies are heading off to King Salmon, AK this summer and I thought (Since I can't go myself) that it would be cool to make a few flies for them to try out. They aren't huge fly fishermen but get the pleasure of going to some lodge out in King Salmon and get to fish on someone elses dime. Since I haven't fished in AK and don't know much about fishing in AK...could anyone suggest some flies to tie for Rainbow trout? I'm pretty new to the whole fly tying world but figured I had a few months to get a few right for them. Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts/tips! -Josh
  10. Yeah I cant complain about the cold since I enjoy skiing
  11. Thanks for the welcome Peter. live in Saco up in Maine. Grew up in Auburn. Live during the week in southern MA..not my choice but work is work!
  12. Hi guys, Just joined this forum today. I live in MA during the week and Maine on the weekends. Got sucked into this fly fishing world earlier this spring by a co-worker of mine...to add to the fun I got sucked into fly tying as well...Right now I've got a few patterns down and now having fun trying to make some neat looking ones..once I'm done playing with everything I'll grow up and make some that are actually useful. I live on a pond here in MA thats full of bass so I've been having fun seeing what works and what doesn't on a regular basis. Anyway I've got lots of catching up to do and can't wait to find lots of info here. Thanks! -Josh
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