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  1. I guess my friend has tryed goose and it's not long enough but the turkey is suppose to be longer and will reach the back of the hook .I'll pass on all the links you guys gave me and see how he makes out .Thanks guys .
  2. Does anyone know where i can get colored turkey feathers for classic salmon fly wings. I have a buddy trying to tie classic salmon flies but can't find feathers long enough to reach the back of the hook .I've never tryed one of these flies so i'm not sure where or what he should use. Seeing one of these flies it looks like turkey tail dyed but i'm not sure.
  3. I live in Summerside on Prince Edward Island ,Canada i know it took a long time to get here .
  4. Flies arrived and they look great .Thanks Paul for the fly in the case got it on the wall of my shop.
  5. Thanks for the info it's a great help .
  6. Does anyone know of a fly called the Nose Picker .I seen the fly but don't know what the pattern is has anyone got the pattern or a link to the tying pattern ? Thanks Dave
  7. The other flytyers have covered all the bases when it comes to buying wholesale .I tie for a fly shop where the shop sells flytying materials and he gives me my materials wholesale prices it's just like getting a discount . i'm lucky to be able to get that . I buy materials from him to tie his flies and sell them back to him.
  8. Streamer swap flies landed today great looking flies can't wait to try them out next spring .Dave
  9. Nice set up . everything close at hand
  10. WOW nice work that will make it easy to arrange materials .Dave
  11. Sept flies landed today VERY NICE .great job guys.Dave
  12. Really nice setup everything nice and neat and close by great job.
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